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    One Week and One Day

    Matthew Messner
    Nov 28, '10 12:50 PM EST

    I have a distinct feeling that this is going to be a large topic of discussion around the school blog for the next few weeks or so, but here it is...

    The semester is almost over. At UIC we have one week and one day until our final review for studio. Everyone reading this knows exactly what that means. Call your mom now, you're not going to talk to here for a while. DO some laundry now, no time for that this week. Get in one more nap (nope no time for that). Eat a good meal, all you're getting from here on out is fast food or roman.

    As it would be studio can not be our only academic focus. My class in particular has our take home final for Theory due on Tuesday. Instructed by Bob Somol, ARCH531 has been only what one could call "a trip". Never before have we been faced with the proposition of being A Body without Organs. madness.

    Our final consists of two essays and a graphic "taxonomy-geneaology-map" of "figures, concepts, reading, projects, conversations and positions developed across the various weeks".

    Somol is going to fail me for giving away his final to potential students!

    Anyway, one of the essays is based around a "found document". We have been charged with writing a projective history in 1000 words of this document. This might be taking the "Learning From Las Vagas" thing a little far don't you think...

    "Found" Casino Map


    • brer

      I really liked this assignment.

      Don't agree with your last statement there (forgive me if I missed the joke), vegas in the early 70's and resort casinos today could hardly be culturally and architecturally farther from each other.

      Dec 2, 10 2:14 am  · 

      The last line was supposed to be a little bit of a tongue and cheeky inside joke, and we seem to discuss Venturi a lot.

      If you happen to be in the Chicago area in the near future (or if you are here now), and you haven't yet, the Graham Foundation has a huge Learning from Las Vegas exhibit. It is awesome. It has a bunch of the original material, including hand made panos, films, photos and texts. Check it out.

      I also very much enjoyed this entire class and the final.

      Dec 2, 10 2:22 am  · 

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