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    What are You Thankful For?

    Matthew Messner
    Nov 24, '10 11:01 AM EST

    Ahhh, a short week of school, or should I say a long weekend of work. With final reviews closer then the horizon, we find ourselves being thankful for a few solid days of work without the pesky distractions of school itself.

    This paradigm of architecture school is interesting. Only in Architecture school do students wish to have days off of school in order to do more school work (and maybe catch up on laundry and bedroom cleaning, if there's time(there's not)).

    So I am writing this quick post to say that I am thankful for this most wonderful holiday break of eating and model building, and drafting, and diagramming, and sketching, and....


    I'm also thankful that I am not in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving, as I was last year, and that there are still a lot of troops over there fighting the good fight.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone (even those Canucks that celebrate on the wrong day)


    • Lian Chikako Chang

      Thank YOU for this, Matthew. I am really looking forward to reading about how your experiences in the military inform how you approach architecture, if this is something you can write about at some point.

      I am thankful to have lived in two fine countries that are safe, prosperous, and where there are so many opportunities for a productive and happy life. Even though, in writing this, I know that we have a long way to go, both here and in other parts of the world.

      Nov 24, 10 10:01 pm  · 

      Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

      Nov 25, 10 8:32 pm  · 

      i am also thankful that I live and that I am now living my life.

      Nov 30, 10 8:59 pm  · 

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