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  • The End of the Year

    By cfearo2
    May 14, '14 6:24 PM EST

    Hey folks!

    Finals are finally over, yay!  That means the year end show happened pretty recently- a night here at uic that means we dress a little fancier, drink, congratulate our peers, and look at projects from each studio.  But if you didn't go, fear not!  I've collected a few that I want to show off for our school.



    Terrence Hector | Prof Stewart Hicks

    Ivory Tower(s)- The project is a play on typical library typology, in which the usual program-driven organization is replaced with a tower "skill tree" of knowledge, with more esoteric and important books being stored on the top floors.



    Danny Travis | Prof Paul Preissner

    Fundamentals- Architecture may be dissected into a large but finite number of planes, corners, and perforation types, which are then stylized to create the architectural canon.  After analyzing these types they are recombined to create a house that, while fundamental, is still interesting.



    Samra Pecanin | Profs Penelope Dean and Grant Gibson

    Case Study LW-18- A timeline of collected furniture organizes the interior of this home made for a couple of travelers and collectors. Beginning at the entry of the home, the collection circulates through the household, creating partitions between different areas of the home. As the furniture becomes the architecture, it essentially serves as the structure. The ceiling of the home is held up by antique armours, cabinets, appliances, and bookshelves that are within the timeline.



    Nazifa Virani | Prof Sean Lally

    Simultaneous Plan- The objective of the project is to address the problem of sensory overload in our everyday lives.  Is the solution to hold back or give the body the ability to channel through these stimuli?An implant, similar to a radio dial, will allow users to tune into whichever channel they desire. A turn of the dial for the user could mean the introduction of a new habitat within the same space.


    So there's just a smattering of the many awesome projects we saw.  More to come throughout the summer!

    Because of the end of the year, I can skip over my usual housekeeping drones with announcements from the school.

    Except this one.

    We have a slew of summer programs to announce for all different age groups and interest levels in UIC and Architecture in general.  I'd explain it, but this handy picture explains more!

    Ok, with that I'm Audi 5000.  I'm going to try to post more stuff throughout the summer of the stuff I missed throughout the school year.  Until then!


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