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    Oana S. Feb 8 '06 10
    the few days on the road are always entertaining. it might not be the most comfy thing to sit in a car for hours but the diverse landscapes and situations can keep your spirit alive.
    the guys from Pixar said they were in a lack of inspiration while searching for Nemo, so they got in a car and crossed the whole country. like a forced brainstorming. they found Nemo, but this situation might also escalate in the other way.
    this is a proof that human rights are not quite what their name says. i should stop complainig. on the 14th of july, i'll ironically be leaving my better half and go to Seville for 5 month with a so called scholarship. i suppose i could be anxious if i weren't in the middle of the exam period.


    • Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Feb 8, 06 1:11 pm

      do you speak spanish

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Feb 8, 06 1:11 pm


      Oana S.
      Feb 8, 06 1:15 pm

      not quite...
      actually no.
      not at all.
      but i understand it and from similar experiences my friends had, it won't be too hard, due to the similarity with romanian.

      Quilian RianoQuilian Riano
      Feb 8, 06 2:30 pm

      Enjoy Sevilla.
      It is an amazing city with too much to see. I specially enjoyed going to the old world expo site. It is an post-apocalyptic site, all these modernist white buildings taken over by vegetation and completely desolate.

      Feb 8, 06 3:38 pm

      be ready for the Sevilla-Betis madness...

      Feb 8, 06 4:14 pm

      buena suerte oana!

      Oana S.
      Feb 8, 06 5:23 pm

      that was supposed to be 14th of February! that's why it was ironic!
      this is just another proof of how messed things are these days.

      will gallowaywill galloway
      Feb 8, 06 7:09 pm

      exams exerting too much pressure on the brain....happens to the best.

      enjoy spain! y buena suerte de tokyo tambien! (sadly i haven't used spanish for more'n 10 years so if i got that wrong please forgive...;-) )

      vado retro
      Feb 8, 06 8:00 pm

      i dont think i could handle oana leaving me...

      Jose Luis
      Feb 9, 06 8:00 am

      We will be pleased to welcome Oana in Seville, and make her enjoy good weather, azahar smell and flamenco dancing!

      Hasta pronto!

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