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    tv killed arch.

    Oana S. Feb 11 '05 2

    i don't know how it is in your countries, but here each tv channel has it's own 'architecture' show. architecture isn't quite the right word but, hey, that's how they call themselfs.
    so for example when i am at home my father asks me to watch with him this shows, which i have to do. the worst thing is that he likes what he sees there and when i'm telling him 'that sucks' he just says i'm crazy, i don't know what i'm saying. there is no way on earth i can convince him that he's watching kitsch and not architecture. thanks god my mother gives architecture more credit then to that show.
    but, in the same order, won't be kids growing up wishing to have a house like their idol pamela, mariah, puffy, jessica( aka mtv cribs)?
    and why do this stars have in their videos awesome locations and their homes look like hell? ok, i don't expect mariah to recognise some good arch but at least somebody could do that. i haven't seen 1 interesting house in that show. only glitter (bling) and cars.

    i know the whole prbl with the public goes way deeper then tv-shows, but aren't they messing things completely? are there any real architecture shows?



    • David Cuthbert
      Feb 14, 05 9:09 am

      Ice T <- lives in a modernist villa in the Hollywood Hills - expertly detailed. It was the only one I liked ever

      Oana S.
      Feb 15, 05 5:32 am

      indeed ice t's villa was nice.
      i just think of what could have been made with the money all the others spent on that horrible, horrible cribs...

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