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will galloway

Tokyo, JP



I split my days between Keio University and work at frontoffice tokyo

My job at the university is to research sustainable architecture and planning, and to do some teaching now and then - this year I am sharing the honors as a studio course instructor for a small group of graduate students.

Ostensibly my specialty in academics is in the compact city and suburbia (cuz you can't have one without the other), but my interests have changed in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan on 3.11.  Now I am mostly working out how architects and planners can help people to cope with loss of community, home and family as they try to rebuild what was lost.

In my other job I am a partner in the architecture and planning firm, frontoffice tokyo.  We are very interested in how the city can be used like a landscape that we can riff on, and are beginning to work out what tokyo has to offer.  Eventually there may be some kind of theory, but for the moment we are experimenting and learning.


will's School Blog on Archinect:

KEIO UNIVERSITY : learning/teaching architecture in japan

keio university's architecture program is probably the best kept secret in the country. Hidden away on a campus an hour from tokyo the curriculum is wide open and connected to a campus-wide project aimed at dealing with climate change and innovation. students of economics can take courses in architecture and vice versa but we all are expected to take part in real projects somewhere in the world. there are a few starchitects on the faculty but mostly we are focused on making a difference.

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Talking with Assemble – before they won the Turner, Tue, Feb 9 '16

My first meeting with Assemble was at their studio in London, in a search to find and speak with interesting people who think that building stuff at 1:1 scale sounds pretty normal. I wanted to convince them to host a workshop at Keio University, where I teach, and I succeeded: our run in with ...

Talking with Assemble – before they won the Turner

Making space (and a business), one thread at a time, Tue, Jan 12 '16

I met with Samira Boon earlier this year at her studio in Amsterdam, while on a trip around Europe and Asia to talk with people who are carrying the profession of architecture in new directions. I admit this is a bit of a red herring, because practice is always changing, but we are now witnessing ...

Making space (and a business), one thread at a time

UpStarts: 5468796 Architecture, Tue, Oct 26 '10

by William Galloway Sometimes it is possible to catch a group of people who are literally taking their first steps towards something interesting. If luck is on your side you can find out what they are thinking about - before hindsight settles in and the interesting things have become normal, and ...

UpStarts: 5468796 Architecture

Archinect Op-Ed: Big Bangs, Slums, and Suburbia, Sun, Mar 29 '09

This is not a scientific statement by any means, but I think it’s reasonable to assume that every universe pretty much gets just one big bang. However, architecture and planning (both professions in which I have some experience) generally are practiced as if the opposite was the case. Not in a ...

Archinect Op-Ed: Big Bangs, Slums, and Suburbia


KEIO UNIVERSITY, researcher + lecturer

+ researching sustainability in architecture and urban planning
+ teach studio course in architecture to graduate students
+ co-leader, the Environmental Innovators program

Nov 2010 - current

frontoffice tokyo, director

Sep 2006 - current

Waseda University, lecturer

+ history of modern architecture
+ Tokyo - planning and architecture from Edo to the present
+ sustainable architecture and urban planning

Sep 2009 - Apr 2011

JUMP studios, project architect

Jan 2003 - Jan 2004

Matthew Priestman Architects, project architect

Sep 2002 - Mar 2003

fukumi architects and associates, senior design architect

Sep 1996 - Sep 2002


The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, JP, PhD, urban planning / environmental studies

Sep 2004 - Oct 2008

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, CA, MArch, architecture

Sep 1999 - Sep 2001

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, CA, architecture

Sep 1991 - May 1996


Archiprix International, Honorable Mention


Monbukagakusho Research Scholarship, Scholarship


American Institute of Architects Student Medal, Award


Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Honor Roll, Award


Areas of Specialization 

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