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    inventive neighbours

    Oana S. Jun 26 '05 5

    different, though the same



    • vado retro
      Jun 26, 05 4:40 pm

      another argument for low density suburban sprawl. oana is that you in the flowered skirt? hope u r havin a great summer

      Oana S.
      Jun 27, 05 2:18 am

      only if you are the boy working out in front of the window...

      i'm not having a great summer yet. exams. actually, i have one in 2 hours. so wish me luck.

      vado retro
      Jun 27, 05 7:40 pm

      yeah thats me. looks like we're neighbors. come on over to borrow some sugar anytime.where do the gurls hang their thongs? this makes me want to watch "rear window" good luck.

      Jun 29, 05 7:12 am

      nice photos, nice idea. pretty dangerous goings on though!

      David Cuthbert
      Jun 29, 05 9:09 am

      There is obviously an opportunity to be gained about these spaces and their multilple uses. Air gardens, air laundry, air conversations from out of your window. Yes Vado I think we should all watch rear window again (the one with Superman tho).

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