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    010/08/05/ tribute to duchamp /

    Oana S. Sep 10 '05 5


    • David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
      Sep 11, 05 12:06 am

      Oana what were you doing in the men's room something you not telling us?

      On another note I could identify about 30% of those commodes by there spec name and serial number. I need to stop doing bathroom details

      vado retro
      Sep 12, 05 7:54 am

      now may we see a bride stripped bare pleez???

      liberty bell
      Sep 13, 05 10:11 am

      Men's toileting options are just so much more interesting than women's.

      Sep 13, 05 11:10 am

      holy crap.... i thought i was the only one that took pictures of crappers...
      they have some really cool ones in finland.

      Oct 30, 05 7:12 am

      user-operable indoor water features.

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