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    Oana S. Jun 10 '06 4

    it's been a while...
    i feel like i haven't posted in years, though they are only few new posts... guess it's summer!
    here it is getting warmer and warmer, the nights nicer and nicer.
    confusion never comes to an end.
    in 2 or 3 weeks i might get a camera. i will post pics. in all this period i have taken so many 'mental' screenshots, promising myself i wouldn't delete them and finally, when possible, materialize them.
    is this possible? to return to places and take the same pic you would have loved to take some months ago?
    if i start writing a blog on paper (due to the circumstances), i know for sure it will never end up here. it is impossible to copy it on the screen. doesn't 'taste' the same.

    i believe more and more that life is an accident. the result of circumstances. good ones or bad ones.
    dorian gray - since the moment you are born you are nothing but a sum of influences.
    can you choose your influences?

    school is coming to an end. deadlines are 'meeting', coming together. i guess school is the same everywhere.
    i started working in an small arch office. it is nice.

    i have to go, my bed needs me.
    good night america, wherever you are...


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