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    Oana S. Mar 16 '05 2

    this semester we have to make mixed facilities in an arboretum. the park was founded around 1900 and had some colaborations with the arnold arboretum (biggest in the world). it used to have a mix of local species with exotic ones. Today it is in a rather bad shape, as it is 15km outside the town and only few people know about it.
    Until monday we'll have to analyze other arboretums and identify all facts about this one.
    Then we can decide on our own which direction this park should take (research, public or not, arboretum or just a park...). here are some pics.
    i think u can figure out what this means.
    a bird. (!!!) i have to say the birds singing was the only thing that really made a nice atmosphere.
    a hole, and nothing more...
    nothing compares to a nice resting place in a park!
    after a long search we found some markings of the exotic vegetation.
    a tower we had no acces to. but you'll never guess who visited the place!


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