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Jan '05 - Jan '07

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    003/08/05/in case you are searching for an idol/

    Oana S. Aug 21 '05 3

    or have any doubts about this profession...

    What does an architect do?
    This architect
    Builds stairs in heaven
    And palaces of air on earth.

    Counsels building owners
    Translates dreams into spaces
    Thinks about site, light and climate
    Considers city and ground (price and image of the town)
    Carefully considers the use of resources (special claim for passive sun energy and usage of rainwater )
    Uses materials in a new way

    Draws plans and details
    Rules the state of technology
    Binds/ interconnects specialists in the planning
    Seeks for demands
    Finds good construction firms and professionals
    Coordinates construction work
    Supervises the raising of the building
    Controlls achievments and payments

    found it on a central street in graz and i think it should be archinect's mojo


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