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    Oana S. Sep 5 '05 6

    After the first overdose I thought you all might need a break so I ran for a week out of town (of course running = driving). This is a small fraction but I think you get the big picture. At the end we ”˜had to' celebrate the end of summer after which we searched for other things worthy. We found more then you imagine.
    After the break we will be back with a short ”˜translation' and m/m at the palais de tokyo, the big bang (literally and in the in the figurative sense) at the pompidou, la roche vs savoye (fondation corbusier vs Le Centre des monuments nationaux, 0:1), cemeteries and the most adored man from the Pere L aichase (and strangely enough it's not jim morrison), Musée du quai Branly" by Jean Nouvel in construction.
    So stay tuned...


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