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    005/08/05/last stop/

    Oana S. Aug 22 '05 3

    the kunstmuseum was great though the exhibition sucked (3 floors closed as they were working on the next exhibition).
    the last one is a classic (among others they have several works by warhol and one by koons)




    • vado retro
      Aug 22, 05 9:22 pm

      nice vents

      David Cuthbert
      Aug 23, 05 3:18 pm

      nicer bar!

      liberty bell
      Aug 23, 05 10:32 pm

      I love this Stirling building - its urban response is absolutely perfect. The path through the central core that allows you "in" to the musem without actually being in it - amazing. And a decent place to view art, as well. One of my top ten, for sure.

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