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    Oana S. Feb 10 '05 2

    last semester we had to study an urban site (actually just an island). 60% of the facades towards the street were buildings from the begining of the last century (built by austrians). on the interior there is a labirinth of parasite-buildings. today the site is in a bad shape, but there still is a chance for are some pictures:
    1. restauration- in addition the radio was yelling
    2. don't mess with electricians!
    3. a sad sad smiley!
    pics by my colleague O. Mics



    • drs
      Feb 11, 05 3:48 am

      Hello there. Great pictures! I never cease to be amazed by your blog with its incredibly bleak views of Romania... No wonder you're so sad most of the time.

      Oana S.
      Feb 11, 05 4:59 am

      i was afraid this might happen... that's why i also tried to show some of the beauties of my country (yes, there really are some).
      i'm not sad because of living here (after i time you deal with it either way), but because of having a shitty period. outside there are -20 degrees (cold even for my town), i'm having a hard time to focus on school (to be cynical: for now the best part of school is this blog), i'm fed up with the architectural climate in this town. it's really not that bad around here, but i'll try to show you the good part about it (as soon as i remember it :) ).

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