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    Oana S. Aug 20 '06 11


    • vado retro
      Aug 20, 06 11:45 am

      please to synthesize my cube.

      Aug 20, 06 2:13 pm

      david hockney's version

      Arnaud M.
      Aug 20, 06 5:37 pm

      Is it one same person or chunks of different people?

      Aug 21, 06 8:35 am
      pieces of Oana, i believe.
      Aug 22, 06 3:49 pm

      wow, she really is hot....

      Aug 22, 06 6:20 pm

      is she looks like the one CKL posted, she will be in some years why not..... i bet she looks quite fine right now

      vado retro
      Aug 22, 06 9:25 pm

      put yer tongues back in your mouths!

      Aug 23, 06 9:02 am

      the eyes,the lips, the hair.....

      Aug 23, 06 10:46 am

      I think oana is really just john devlin posting pictures he found on the internet to try and whip us all into a hormone-fueled frenzy.

      that said, I'm a real sucker for freckles.

      brian buchalski
      Aug 28, 06 12:52 pm

      i hope that's not her...i'd rather not know what she looks like

      Gordon HulleyGordon Hulley
      Sep 7, 06 11:58 am

      I guess you could print it off, carefully cut it out, then de-cubist it like a jigsaw puzzle... it is properly cubistic though: not just a single photograph.

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