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    wednesday– mittwoch- mercredi- mercoledì- miércoles- room with a view

    Oana S. Feb 1 '06 9

    even if it doesn't look too inviting, I'm still waiting for all of you at my bday ”˜party'.


    • job job
      Feb 1, 06 6:30 am

      if this is a 'guess the location' - i say the (very cold) roof of the pompidou, and happy birthday.

      brian buchalski
      Feb 1, 06 10:09 am

      yeah, and i'm still waiting for oana s. to show up at my pants party?!

      actually, it looks very inviting...i loathe crowds but love flowers.

      some people feel that birthdays (and their celebrations) are silly, but the older i become and the better i understand all of the forces that are conspiring against us on a daily basis ("you can't even imagine the shit i've been through just to be here today")...well, let's just say that surviving another year is no small feat.

      thanks for the invite and congratulations on the day!

      Feb 1, 06 3:52 pm

      Happy birthday!

      liberty bell
      Feb 1, 06 4:20 pm

      That's a lovely photograph Oana - and you are a lovely person. Best wishes for this birthday and many many wonderful birthdays to come.

      Feb 1, 06 4:35 pm

      un compleanno felice a te', e' anche tanti agguri

      vado retro
      Feb 1, 06 8:32 pm

      hope u like the chagall :)

      Feb 1, 06 11:43 pm

      la multi ani oana!

      Feb 3, 06 12:48 am

      Happy birthday + congrats also to the nice image! :-) Hope you had a nice day!



      Oana S.
      Feb 4, 06 9:00 am

      thank you! :x

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