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Aug '04 - May '05

  • 10/13 Qualifying in less than 2 weeks

    By duke19_98
    Oct 13, '04 11:34 AM EST

    Well the crunch time is here. I've made a few fairly large decisions in my project the last few days. Unfortunately I don't have them on paper yet. I've decided to ditch the parking garage and go with landscaped berm that leads up to the structure. I'm planning on using grasscrete as a parking... View full entry

  • 10/10 Texas Tech 70 Nebraska 10

    By duke19_98
    Oct 10, '04 11:34 AM EST

    What a game. I skipped studio yesterday and participated in a little tailgating before the game. So now I have to catch up on my work today. Anyhow the game was fun, here are the pics as promised. The Band opening up the game. Now that tighter security keeps the tortillas and flasks out of the... View full entry

  • 10/08 Homecoming Festivities

    By duke19_98
    Oct 8, '04 11:14 PM EST

    Well its Friday. Not that it means much to an Architecture student! I'll be in studio most of the weekend working on the thesis. It's Homecoming week, so I made it out to the bonfire and snapped a few phone pics. I'll try and get a couple at the game tomorrow while we are taking it to Nebraska... View full entry

  • 10/04 working out the details

    By duke19_98
    Oct 4, '04 6:32 PM EST

    This weekend I've been working out some of the structural details and material choices. The pictures show a typical connection used for attaching "the tapeworm" form to the existing building. I'm not sure if it's going to work or not, we'll see when my profs review it. Basically i'm trying to hang... View full entry

  • 9/30 'The tapeworm'

    By duke19_98
    Sep 30, '04 10:36 AM EST

    The new intervention has been lovingly dubbed the 'tapeworm.' I think in fits. I've scaled up my model to 1/16" and am currently trying to figure out how the structural system of the pedestrian bridge that enters the building on the South West side of the existing building. I'm looking at a... View full entry

  • 9/27 study models

    By duke19_98
    Sep 27, '04 9:52 PM EST

    I had a good crit today with Prof. Beaulinckx. I made a series of study models this weekend. I'm making a diagonal connection between the two designated vertical circulation areas of my structure. The intervention is turning into a snake like pedestrian bridge that snakes into the building on the... View full entry

  • 9/27 If you come to Lubbock bring a boat!

    By duke19_98
    Sep 27, '04 10:11 AM EST

    Yes I said a boat. Lubbock has the worst drainage problem I have ever seen. Every time it rains the streets flood and create havoc for all pedestrian students. This morning I had to wade in 2 feet of water across 19th street. I snapped a couple pictures. Flood1: Flood2: View full entry

  • 9/24 pics of campus

    By duke19_98
    Sep 25, '04 6:19 PM EST

    Yesterday I had a discussion with Prof. Beaulinckx. It went pretty well. Usually I'm pretty excited to show her my newest stuff, then she tells me why it sucks and how I should approach it next. That's basically what went down. I showed her some of my sketches she liked some ideas and others she... View full entry

  • 09/23 Lectures

    By duke19_98
    Sep 23, '04 10:54 AM EST

    Lectures for the fall semester have been announced. They are as follows; james wines (10/29): from SITE DESIGN NYC craig konyk (11/12): Architect, NYC joep van lieshout (11/19): very well known Dutch Artist axel kufus (11/22): prolific product designer, Berlin View full entry

  • 9/17 Electives

    By duke19_98
    Sep 19, '04 5:55 PM EST

    I decided to use my last non-architectural elective by taking a painting class. I'm working on a concept of adaptive use in art. Before I begin reinterpreting the works of others, I'm learning how to paint in oils. Previously my only painting experience was in a watercolor delineation class as a... View full entry

  • 09/17 Proposed site plan

    By duke19_98
    Sep 18, '04 7:25 PM EST

    Well, I'm going to try and post a few things from my prelim reviews. I'm not posting all my site analysis due to the fact that I don't have it all in a digital format. The Circulation board shows the existing circulation around the site. Due to traffic conditions there are few options for... View full entry

  • 09/16 Prelims

    By duke19_98
    Sep 16, '04 4:42 PM EST

    Well, we had prelims today. During the prelim review both your Professor and your Advisor get together critique and discuss your work. (kind of tag team style) Beaulinckx wanted to see everything we had produced in the last two weeks on the wall. I was pinning up in the hallway and covered a... View full entry

  • 09/10 ok its friday

    By duke19_98
    Sep 10, '04 9:55 PM EST

    Ok its Friday and boy am I glad for that. Prof. Beaulinckx and I are not thinking on the same scale, plane, or maybe not even the same freaking planet. I feel like I'm having to rework the site analysis. I've already done a site up my program and you'll see it on pages... View full entry

  • 09/09 spatial nightmares

    By duke19_98
    Sep 9, '04 2:20 PM EST

    The stress is already here. I can feel my hair falling out as I type. Last weekend I started to build a structural model at 1/16th scale. Keep in mind that the existing building I'm working on is a 100,000+ sq.ft school that was built in 1910. Needless to say it has its fair share of columns... View full entry

  • 9/05: Abstracts and Metallica

    By duke19_98
    Sep 5, '04 6:13 PM EST

    Last night me and an Architecture buddy went to the Metallica concert. One of the best concerts I've seen in awhile. The new United Spirit Arena that Texas Tech Built for Bobby Knight is finally bringing some big shows into town. Lubbock just recently hit the 200,000 population mark. We are... View full entry

  • 09/3 odd things happen in the middle of the night

    By duke19_98
    Sep 3, '04 7:29 PM EST

    Well, the art students are back in school. Last night somebody mounted a car on the bridge in the courtyard. It proved to be a nice conversation piece for the annual burger burn held by AIAS. Ever wonder where all those supplies you loose go? AIAS also had their annual supply sale. They sold... View full entry

  • 9/02 from above

    By duke19_98
    Sep 2, '04 7:17 PM EST

    From Above: View full entry

  • 09/01-2

    By duke19_98
    Sep 2, '04 12:21 AM EST

    This summer I documented the existing structure. Previously the only architectural drawings that existed were some electrical plans from 71. I used these plans along with photographs I took to create floor plans and elevations. See the images below. I had my first Crit today. Buelinckx suggested... View full entry

  • 9/01

    By duke19_98
    Sep 1, '04 11:43 PM EST

    Today I continued work on my site model. Tomorrow I'll start to build the highway the runs next to my site. This might be a little challenging. I'm starting to get in my routine here at school, but skipped out on a night a Crickets(local bar) to write this blog. What was I thinking? Here is a... View full entry

  • 08/30: first day of class

    By duke19_98
    Aug 31, '04 12:34 AM EST

    As usual, the first day of school was spent going over the syllabus, rules, and deadlines. I moved all my crap from the 5th floor to the 3rd floor. See picture of new studio space below. I'm sharing a 1600 square ft. locked room with 8 other graduate students. Space is ample and I have plenty of... View full entry

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