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    10/18 "it’s actually exploding out of the center"

    By duke19_98
    Oct 19, '04 11:44 AM EST

    What's new in Lubbock? Not much. The halls of the Architecture building are filled with freshman delineation students drawing the traditional hallway perspective. The big news according to the University Daily was that a guy got shot with a BB gun from a fifth floor window of the University Plaza Apartment complex. Ah... life in a small town.

    Yesterday I had a crit with buelinckx. We looked over some sections I had attempted over the weekend. She's basically pushing me to continue my design into the entire project. We discussed the need to bring the folded plates that are on the exterior into the interior in some way. For inspiration I googled tapeworm images (that's what we are calling this intervention). I found the purple image below and envisioned a circular viewing platform at the center of the pedestrian bridge on the roof. From the circle there is a series of fins that radiate out and frame different views to the city. The circle forms an oculus that is centered in the original plan. The tapeworm is no longer simply floating over the structure it's actually exploding out of the center and flowing into the landscape. The folded steel plates on the interior are held up by a tubular steel structure and are contrasted by a series of welded mesh geometries covered in vegetation. The plates are suspended under the walkways that cross the atrium on each level.

    My first attempt to but these ideas on down on trash paper are below. I'm not sure if this solution has a future or not. For now, the point was I needed to get the idea down on paper so that I could move on to alternative solutions.



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