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    12/14 Now What?

    By duke19_98
    Dec 14, '04 12:59 PM EST

    I decided that I owed at least one more blog so I tooled around the ARCH building today and snapped a couple shots.

    Info board:
    In the elevator lobbies of each floor there is a posting board for all the need to know info. A few years ago I started a silent protest against the extremely graphically lame posters that had become common on the boards. I spend about an hour every two weeks making funny or eye-catching posters for knights meetings. This week someone did a decent job on the scholarship posters.

    image Worm's Viz class has crits today.

    the shop:

    several students are in the shop today rushing to finish their work for product design class

    Design 1 made dog houses this semester. I'm not sure some of these kids even know what a dog is, much less how its house should look.


    • bigness

      was that a pool table they are making?

      our workshop people make roadsters...

      Dec 15, 04 12:56 pm

      Ya, that guys been building the pool table for 3 semesters. He's kind of a moron so i'm betting its going to be crooked as shit. The other guy is actually working on a wooden sink. The faculty is turning our gallery into extra shop space. Perhaps then we'll have enough room for a few roadsters.

      Dec 15, 04 5:46 pm

      All I can say is that I hope none of these kids actually have dogs...

      Dec 16, 04 11:36 am

      did anybody go get a dog from the pound and see if it which 'doghouse' it wanted to sleep in?

      Dec 16, 04 5:28 pm

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