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    9/17 Electives

    By duke19_98
    Sep 19, '04 5:55 PM EST

    I decided to use my last non-architectural elective by taking a painting class. I'm working on a concept of adaptive use in art. Before I begin reinterpreting the works of others, I'm learning how to paint in oils. Previously my only painting experience was in a watercolor delineation class as a freshman. I've chosen oils as a media because oils will paint over both existing oil and acrylic paintings. My first three pieces will be simple exercises in oil techniques. Here are a few pics. The first is a still life image of some limes. I'm not sure why people paint still life images of fruit. I mean who wants a painting for fruit on their wall. But, that was the assignment. The second is a picture I'll be using for my second exercise.




    • aptexastech

      what an interesting concept...or is it?

      Sep 20, 04 11:55 pm

      I'm really digging the idea of painting over others work. When you get down to it isn't it just some paint on a canvas? Everything is a process of decay or evolution. Preservation simply slows this process down. I'm really asking the question, "why should you preserve this object?" The situation applies to architecture as well. Why should this school (pictured above) be preserved intact. Its value comes from the emotional attachment that past students and citizens have for it. Can this value remain while architectural interventions are made to make the building more usable in the present society? I argue that layers of time and evolution actually add to the value of an object. Well I'm rambling because it’s early.

      Sep 21, 04 10:08 am

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