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    04.05 The junk is about to hit the fan

    By duke19_98
    Apr 5, '05 1:30 PM EST

    The semester is really speeding up right now. Next week is going to be one of those weeks that seems like everything is due. I have to write a paper for my Strategic Mgt. class over Strategies for Business Growth. I am also giving a 45 min lecture to the school of architecture over my recent research in adaptive use and its application in art and architecture. I have a test in Production Mgt. and some group work due in Decision Theory.

    To top everything off, I'm heading up to Maryland this week for one last interview. I've received numerous job offers so now I'm in the process of narrowing them down. This semester has been fairly laid back compared to my Thesis last semester, but it seems like everything is piling up at the end. I'm just ready to walk the stage and get out of Lubbock.

    As a side note, the United States Post Office will be releasing a series of "architecture" stamps in May. I thought they would be appropriate to use on my graduation announcements.

    Here is a pic of my most recent painting in the adaptive use series.

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    • AP

      your painting would make a good stamp...

      Apr 5, 05 3:57 pm

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