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    11\7 chalkboard chick

    By duke19_98
    Nov 8, '04 3:03 AM EST

    Chalkboard chick says "10 days till pin up."


    The model building is going extremely slow. Its hard to believe you're looking at 3 days work, and 60 bucks of Museum Board. I'm busy cutting out windows right now. I'm pasting cad drawings on the front of museum board, cutting out the windows then pasting the elevations printed on velum on the back. This way I'll get some light into the model, and a little bit of depth as well. It's 2AM Monday Morning, I think I'll be here till 5 then sleep till 9. that's the plan. stay tuned for more.


    It's 2:31 AM - I just stabbed the shit out of my hand. Some how a #11 blade was sitting on my chair. As I went to sit down the blade inserted itself halfway into the joint of my palm and middle finger. After the profuse bleeding stopped I sealed it with wings and things glue. Ahhhh what I wouldn't give for a 9-5 job right now. No blood was spilled on the model!



    • McKowen

      From what I recall, your thesis is supposed to be built on your blood, sweat and tears.


      You pampered slacker...

      Seriously, Good Luck... And never use exacto blades after 2 AM. If I had known that maybe I'd still be able to give a high five... sigh...

      Nov 8, 04 4:33 pm

      this reminds me of a late night in third year--or coure exacto related. i was doing the model thing and at one point my knife rolled off the edge of my desk into my lap. as a reaction i moved my legs together to catch it (yea, nice maneuver, i know) but the problem was that the knife had already jammed into my left thigh. my right leg of course came across and jammed the knife in further. damn those involuntary actions. after much bleeding the situation was resolved with a design student's answer to the emergency room---super glue.

      Nov 8, 04 11:12 pm

      alright, since we're sharing exacto third year at 6:45 am the morning a project was due after three or four nights with no sleep I was cutting a piece of plexi glass with a utility knife and a metal ruler. Putting all my weight into the final cut my blade slipped off of the plexi, across the metal ruler and right through my middle finger...of course, blood everywhere...Two of my classmates escorted me across the way to the Student Health Center on Campus. I knocked on the door clutching my bloody gashed open finger and was greated by a secretary reminding me that the Health Center didn't open until 7:00 am...another 15 minutes and I would have to wait because there were no doctors there yet.

      Long story short, they had to drive me to the emergency room where I passed out and had six stiches across my middle finger.

      Nov 9, 04 1:54 pm

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