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    11/13 light wiring test, model progress

    By duke19_98
    Nov 13, '04 2:15 AM EST

    Hey guys,
    Besides the fact that I'm averaging 4 hours of sleep a day, things are going slow but good. My models are taking me longer than expected (isn't that how it usually goes). I'm working on two models. One is a lighted site model. The other is a sectional model with exposed structure.

    For the record, I usually consider models with lights a bit tacky. However, my professor was joking around and mentioned that it might be cool if I put blinking red lights in my site model. So, I thought what the hell. It's really turned out to be more of a chore than I thought. I started out using LED lights powered with 12 volt batteries. I got the brightest ones radioshack had but they just didn't cut it. Then, I decided that using Christmas lights would be a cheap way to get the blinking effect. I bought a couple kits and messed around with them, but there were just too many bulbs and wires for the little space I had. I wanted something a little brighter. So I went to Lowes and bought a night light kit and a red light bulb. Again, there was just too much junk in the way to get it to work right. I ventured back to radioshack and found some Lamps that were just the right size. I bought 4 of them and a DC converter. I may add one more light tomorrow, but overall I think it works well. I used plexi to represent the metal plates of the tapeworm. It doesn't look to hot in the light, but when its dark it's pretty sweet. I wish I could have found red plexi glass. I think that would have worked a lot better, but my options where limited here in Lubbock.

    My section model is made of museum board, and vellum. I imported my drawings to PS and tinted the paper slightly so that it matched the museum board. I've finished constructing most of the stationary base of the model. I'm working on building the cut away, and then I'll move on to the tapeworm form. I think it should look pretty pimp when it's all said and done. I'm planning on having everything finished no later than the 22nd. I'll work on my documentation of the project in-between hunting bambi over Thanksgiving, then I have my final crit on Monday the 29th.

    So that's how things stand right now. Peace out, I'm going to bed.







    This is where I have been sleeping the last few nights!




    • brian-
      those pice look rockin. ive never heard of anybody working on final models this far in advance .. is that a normal thing? here in undergrad land, i usually make the final physical models last, usually a couple days before the presentation. whats the story like over there in lubbock?
      -keep up the snazzy work. alex

      Nov 13, 04 9:19 am

      Thanks Alex. Here’s the thing. Officially my thesis is due Wednesday the 17, however I'm not going to be able to finish by then. Because this is my thesis I'm not willing to throw something up just so I can meet the deadline. I'll be getting an extra week to work on the project, but as a result I may have to enroll in an additional hour for this course next semester. This is typical for those who do not finish thesis in time. This is what I get for being a perfectionist.

      I caught up on my sleeping today. I slept from 2AM-5PM today. It feels good, but now I have to catch back up.....

      Nov 13, 04 7:47 pm

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