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    10/13 Qualifying in less than 2 weeks

    By duke19_98
    Oct 13, '04 11:34 AM EST

    Well the crunch time is here. I've made a few fairly large decisions in my project the last few days. Unfortunately I don't have them on paper yet. I've decided to ditch the parking garage and go with landscaped berm that leads up to the structure. I'm planning on using grasscrete as a parking surface. The layout of the floors has been a little tough. The floors are fairly segregated now with the market on level 1 and 2 and the cafe on the sub level. I'm thinking about mixing them up more. I'd have a small eatery on each floor that corresponds with the grocery section. The closest thing I can think of to compare it to is Marche in Boston ( I think there is one in Toronto as well) The idea is to capture the gestalt of a public market and bring it back into the city center.

    I dug around on my desk and found a doodle of the pedestrian bridge. So that's my image for today's blog.


    After a first place finish at the Flying Saucer in FT. Worth I figure I have to bring back Jack for Halloween 04. He's going to need a few paper mache repairs though, it was a rough night.


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    • xtbl

      dude, that's freakin' awesome! sorry, but i may have to steal, er borrow, your costume idea!

      Oct 13, 04 1:17 pm

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