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    10/10 Texas Tech 70 Nebraska 10

    By duke19_98
    Oct 10, '04 11:34 AM EST

    What a game. I skipped studio yesterday and participated in a little tailgating before the game. So now I have to catch up on my work today. Anyhow the game was fun, here are the pics as promised.

    The Band opening up the game.

    Now that tighter security keeps the tortillas and flasks out of the student section and since they lower the goal posts after the game, the students have started tearing out the bleachers.


    If you could read the scoreboard you'd see that the games over. Texas Tech 70 Nebraska 10


    • Baron

      I really wish they wouldn't tear out the bleachers... God help everyone there is we actually show up to play Texas in a few weeks.

      Oct 11, 04 11:03 pm

      I thinks it only a matter of time until all the old rickety bleachers are tore out by the students. I don't think they've been able to tear out the ones that have been recently replaced. So its just a matter of time until they run out of old ones. I think they should bring out the tortilla's. That could have been a sweet harmless tradition. The saddle tramps could run out on the field and pick them up, hell they need something to do anyway. With all the patting down at the gate its been impossible to get any in the past few years.

      Oct 11, 04 11:59 pm

      The way to do it is to get someone in the band to stash them in those leather pouches before the game. There's room for at least a dozen soft taco sized tortillas in there, provided rain isn't expected and they don't have to take the pancho (this being said from expirience).

      Well, at least Tech is replacing the bleachers with more student-resistant ones. I got winged by one at the last Texas game two years ago.

      Oct 12, 04 11:45 pm

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