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    09/3 odd things happen in the middle of the night

    By duke19_98
    Sep 3, '04 7:29 PM EST

    Well, the art students are back in school. Last night somebody mounted a car on the bridge in the courtyard. It proved to be a nice conversation piece for the annual burger burn held by AIAS.

    Ever wonder where all those supplies you loose go? AIAS also had their annual supply sale. They sold everything from model building supplies to discarded T-squares.

    I completed my site model today. It took me 1 more day than I thought it would. I'll spend the weekend abstracting floor plans and working on a structural model of the high school.

    Next Deadline Sept. 14&15 Preliminary Reviews.

    Burger Burn + "ART"

    Supply Sale:

    Site Model:

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