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    How are the Kids in Thesis?

    By duke19_98
    Mar 23, '05 5:32 PM EST

    Ok...well I ventured into the thesis studio today to see how everyone is doing. They had their qualifying crits last week so most of them are either laid back in the home stretch, or frantically trying to get there.

    image Marco's chatting it up on the phone in the hall...he's probably talking to an academic advisor about switching majors to Restaurant & Hotel Mgt. Just kidding Marco.

    image Jay likes to put a bunch of complicated Max stuff on his computer as his screen saver so people think he's working. He's actually 30 mins into his 2 hour mid day nap. Sweet dreams Jay.

    image Cameron is leaving for LA this weekend. He's got a sweet interview for a position as one of Bob Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right. Good luck bud...

    image Choosy people choose Jiff...Right Matt?

    image "If I can't hear my studio mates...then they're not there" Nice Muffs Robert...

    image Ryan likes to sport his skull hat so no one suspects that his Ipod is filled with Clay Akin's newest hits.

    If these guys don't kill me, then I'll post more stuff soon.


    • RoBBie

      I see everybody is working with some type of digital this a paperless thesis. Lets see the work!!! Good luck on the home stretch gentleman your free in 61 days

      Mar 23, 05 9:54 pm

      where are the girls?

      [this is not intended to be interpreted as a sexist comment, i happend to be a lady. in our studio at a school also in texas the ladies outnumber the boys nearly 2:1]

      Mar 23, 05 11:49 pm

      There just were not any girls in the room when I was up there. I think we are at about 33% Female here at Tech.

      Mar 24, 05 12:39 am

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