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    9/24 pics of campus

    By duke19_98
    Sep 25, '04 6:19 PM EST

    Yesterday I had a discussion with Prof. Beaulinckx. It went pretty well. Usually I'm pretty excited to show her my newest stuff, then she tells me why it sucks and how I should approach it next. That's basically what went down. I showed her some of my sketches she liked some ideas and others she didn't.

    Anyhow I decided to post some pics of the Arch. Building, the Arch Library, and the campus view from the 9th floor. Here is a picture of my workspace. I've been pinning up my progress stuff on the wall behind me, but i'm really running out of room now.

    Next week we set aside everything and focus on the structure of projects. We'll be producing detailed wall sections and building sections.

    View of Campus:

    Arch Library:

    Architecture Building:

    Work Space:

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    • thefauxed

      holy shit that's an office

      Sep 25, 04 7:23 pm

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