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    10/08 Homecoming Festivities

    By duke19_98
    Oct 8, '04 11:14 PM EST

    Well its Friday. Not that it means much to an Architecture student! I'll be in studio most of the weekend working on the thesis. It's Homecoming week, so I made it out to the bonfire and snapped a few phone pics. I'll try and get a couple at the game tomorrow while we are taking it to Nebraska.

    Until next time.





    • b3tadine[sutures]

      not that i like tech, but take it to em good. hey the bonfire, is it much smaller and less dangerous than it was?

      Oct 8, 04 11:22 pm

      The bonfire episode you’re referring to was at A&M. Ours was rather large, but as you can see nobody could get within about 50 yards of the fire. I'm not sure how they constructed it, but the wood was piled 20-30 feet high.

      Oct 9, 04 4:31 pm

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