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    9/30 'The tapeworm'

    By duke19_98
    Sep 30, '04 10:36 AM EST

    The new intervention has been lovingly dubbed the 'tapeworm.' I think in fits. I've scaled up my model to 1/16" and am currently trying to figure out how the structural system of the pedestrian bridge that enters the building on the South West side of the existing building. I'm looking at a tubular steel structure that spirals along the pathway. Steel and or glass plates would then be fastened to the spiral providing intermittent shade.

    I took this pic on my first attempt to create the spiral out of bailing wire. I still haven't found a good way to do this yet.
    more later.





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      cool looking project, but could you explain the premise of your project again (if you have already) so i could understand it better?

      Oct 1, 04 8:59 am

      where's the trade-off between your physical and virtual models? i mean, when (if ever) do you start converting these into digital models?

      Oct 1, 04 9:01 am

      If you'll look at my past blogs I think you'll find an extensive project description. I am currently trying to decide when the physical virtual trade off will happen. Most likely very soon. I have some 3d background, but am much better with photoshop. I'm currently thinking that simple 3d models touched up in PS will give me the best end result. I'll be using 3d Max or sketchup. I plan to create a crude model of the existing building then model the 'worm' more extensively. I have many pictures from various angles around the site that I will try to insert the model of the worm into. That's the plan for now. Have a look at the previous blogs and let me know what you think.

      Oct 1, 04 9:48 am

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