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    01/22 workspace and shiner

    By duke19_98
    Jan 22, '05 3:51 PM EST

    Ok guys. Here we go again. Finishing thesis has been one of the best feelings in the world. I'm basically just floating through this semester. I'm taking my last 3 business classes that I need to complete my MBA. In addition, I'm working on a series of paintings for my grad. Arch. elective. I'll be posting more about that later. Today I thought I'd just show a pic of my working space this semester. I've got a pretty nice set up here this semester on the 3rd floor. I'm camped out in the student organization office overlooking the art/architecture courtyard.


    view to an empty campus on a Saturday

    You can't beat a Shiner!


    • drgonzo


      Thank you for representing your university so appropriately in a public forum. Your previous posts declared quite pointedly that Texas Tech promotes football score awareness, self-abuse and subsequent ad-hoc surgery, and recognition of thesis projects with meaningless titles that use Big Words .

      And finally, we now know that drinking is cool, too, as shown by that beautiful piece of CADmanship above. You've made us all proud, and the university thanks you for aptly portraying it in so clever a fashion. Keep up the good work!

      Jan 26, 05 4:25 pm

      Congratulations on your well thought and excellently formatted candid comment. You’ve successfully proven your disgust in barbaric sports, ill will towards dedicated students, distaste for recognizing “outstanding” work, inability to comprehend so called “big” words, and an obviously humorless bout with self loathing. Cheer up, live a little.

      Jan 31, 05 6:42 pm

      ...speaking of format: "so-called" is hyphenated. I bet your program was an excellent read. SuPERB, in fact.

      Actually, I thought that I had proven my disgust for people who think that everyone cares about football, my ill will towards people chanting the "look at me, I cut myself late at night working so hard, I stabbed myself, bled to death and turned it in on time" mantra, my distaste for the quality of the work promoted at Tech, my inability to stomach people who use Big Words to appear more intelligent than they truly are, and an obviously humourless bout of Brian Frels-loathing. I guess it's all in how one reads it.

      But I also said "keep up the good work!" You forgot that I was encouraging right there at the end. Snoogins.

      Feb 1, 05 3:55 pm

      Your slacking drgonzo. "humorless" has no second "u". Do you really want to continue this meaningless banter?

      Your points were all clear in the first comment. No need to articulate them. I'm amazed that you consider nihilistic, nostalgic, irrationalism, and afterbirth "BIG" words.

      I appreciate the time you've taken out of your day to continually chastise me. That's all the motivation I need.

      Please refrain from spewing your apparent inadequacies in my direction.

      As I ended the first, cheer up and live a little.

      Feb 1, 05 6:00 pm
      humourless or humour

      do your homework before you correct me you witless ape.

      As I ended the previous: Snoogins.
      Feb 2, 05 10:48 am

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