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    09/17 Proposed site plan

    By duke19_98
    Sep 18, '04 7:25 PM EST

    Well, I'm going to try and post a few things from my prelim reviews. I'm not posting all my site analysis due to the fact that I don't have it all in a digital format.

    The Circulation board shows the existing circulation around the site. Due to traffic conditions there are few options for vehicular entrance. I've chosen an entrance on Pearl Street on the South end of the site. It is imperative that a vehicular connection be made to the second most accessible street to the North (Leonard).

    In the Southwest corner of the site is the main pedestrian entry. This area is in the 'boundary' area of the shopping complex, and will serve as a 'sink' to pull pedestrians into the site. This area will function as an outdoor public plaza. Entrance into the existing structure will be to the existing sub level which is 4' below grade. The majority of the sub level will contain casual cafe style dinning as well as a kitchen area for the restaurant that is located on the Northeast half of the first level.

    ADA accessibility is going to be a tricky issue considering all existing entries enter into stairwells. As of right now accessible 'park and enter' entry is located on the North East Corner. The Southwest and Northeast corners will house vertical circulation and restroom facilities.

    So far I'm thinking the existing structural system is load bearing 12” clay tile with a exterior brick face and a plaster finish inside. The floor system appears to be 4.5 inches of reinforced concrete overlain by 2x4 wood runners that are filled with cementitious material. Over the runners there is a wood flooring that is overlain with vinyl tile and carpet. The slabs have 5/8th inch thick steel reinforcing bars running in a North South direction and are spaced 18” o.c. with welded wire mesh directly above them.

    I'm still working a lot of things out, but this is where it's beginning.

    Texas Tech University 75 Texas Christian University 35

    Until next time-

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