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    9/27 study models

    By duke19_98
    Sep 27, '04 9:52 PM EST

    I had a good crit today with Prof. Beaulinckx. I made a series of study models this weekend. I'm making a diagonal connection between the two designated vertical circulation areas of my structure. The intervention is turning into a snake like pedestrian bridge that snakes into the building on the pedestrian level from Pearl St. up a vertical shaft created by removing the slabs of the Southwest corner classrooms, over the roof and back down on the North East corner. This time however the North east corner's walls have been removed and are fully engulfed by the intervention. At this point an atrium is created and the existing exterior walls become interior. And yes, the parking garage is back. The form wraps down the side of the parking garage and terminates at the ground. I decided to bring back the garage because the intervention needed a large mass to anchor it on the highway side of the site.

    I took a few pictures of the study models inside of my site model. This week we are working on structure. So I'll be switching gears for awhile. Anyhow this is the beginning of the evolution from old to new.

    Model 1:
    Model 2:
    Model 3:
    Model 3.1:
    Model 3.2:

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