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Aug '04 - May '05

  • Home Sweet Home

    By duke19_98
    May 21, '05 1:18 AM EST

    I've officially moved out of Lubbock and am back home with the parents for a few weeks. I think I'm actually going to miss the big blue skies of Texas.

    I'm trashing all the models I've kept from the past 5 years. There's quite possibly hundreds of hours lying on the floor here.
    Its sad, but not that sad. I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

    If my blog is still up in a few weeks, I'll try and post some pictures from my trek across the states to Maryland.

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  • Fantasy

    By duke19_98
    May 4, '05 4:46 PM EST

    Here is the last painting in the series of adaptive use in art. Let me know what you guys think. Before After View full entry

  • So long classroom.

    By duke19_98
    May 2, '05 8:47 PM EST

    It's done. I've completed the classroom phase of my life. Although I fully expect to continue to learn throughout my life, I think I can confidently say that I'm finished with the classroom grind. Tomorrow is the last official day of classes here at TTU. Dead day is Wednesday, which will be spent... View full entry

  • Making the BIG move!

    By duke19_98
    Apr 17, '05 6:09 PM EST

    The job search is over. I'm leaving Texas and heading to the East Coast. In a couple months I'll be driving 1700 miles to Baltimore. From this: To This: View full entry

  • 04.05 The junk is about to hit the fan

    By duke19_98
    Apr 5, '05 1:30 PM EST

    The semester is really speeding up right now. Next week is going to be one of those weeks that seems like everything is due. I have to write a paper for my Strategic Mgt. class over Strategies for Business Growth. I am also giving a 45 min lecture to the school of architecture over my recent... View full entry

  • Architecture Sucks

    By duke19_98
    Mar 30, '05 8:20 PM EST

    We decided to raffle off Archinect's famous "Architecture Sucks" shirts. All proceeds are going to help fund "The Knights of Architecture," a student organization focused on recruiting and retention. We also had students vote for their favorite faculty/staff member. It's nice to recognize those... View full entry

  • How are the Kids in Thesis?

    By duke19_98
    Mar 23, '05 5:32 PM EST

    Ok...well I ventured into the thesis studio today to see how everyone is doing. They had their qualifying crits last week so most of them are either laid back in the home stretch, or frantically trying to get there. Marco's chatting it up on the phone in the hall...he's probably talking to an... View full entry

  • Renfro and processed cotton

    By duke19_98
    Mar 21, '05 9:09 PM EST

    Hey gang. Well, I just got back from a week full of interviews. Not the most fun way to spend spring break, but it could have been worse. Anyhow, it seems like everyone is hiring. I got my first offer in the mail today. Hopefully I'll see a few more this week. On the way back home through... View full entry

  • 03/04 What a Rush!

    By duke19_98
    Mar 4, '05 5:29 PM EST

    Just finished a full day of back to back interviews. I interviewed with 10 out of the 27 firms here for the TTU Job Fair. Out of the 10 I've had 9 requests for second interviews. Overall, I'd say that's not bad. Well, I guess I can look forward to a week full of interviews over spring break. Its... View full entry

  • 03/01 Interview Portfolio Complete

    By duke19_98
    Mar 1, '05 12:45 AM EST

    I just finished my interview portfolio. I'm pretty happy with it overall. I chose to go with my same old format that I've been using for the past 4 years, but its been good to me. ie. numerous scholarships and graduate school acceptance. I've skimmed it down to the best of the best projects. I... View full entry

  • 02/21 1st Painting in Nihilistic Nostalgia Series Complete

    By duke19_98
    Feb 21, '05 11:06 AM EST

    I just finished Father Time my first painting in the Nihilistic Nostalgia series. I'll have my final review for it on Monday with Jaddo. I'm thinking of adding a tear on his right eye and a drop on the web in the middle. I'll see what Jaddo has to say about that. Original Final Painting My next... View full entry

  • 02/16 1st post thesis late night

    By duke19_98
    Feb 16, '05 1:54 AM EST

    This being the first night all semester that I've actually stayed up in the ARCH building past 11 pm I thought I should post an entry. I'm up to my eyeballs in job applications right now. I've been making packets to send out to some of the places I'd like to work most. So far everything looks... View full entry

  • 02/7 Painting Begins

    By duke19_98
    Feb 7, '05 12:54 AM EST

    As I mentioned before, I'm working with the concept of adaptive use and applying it to art. The idea is that there exists a category of artifacts that have reached a certain age to which they are no longer useful in their existing state. The value in these objects comes from their age rather than... View full entry

  • 02/01 Its all smiles in thesis

    By duke19_98
    Feb 1, '05 2:48 PM EST

    Today I decided to make a quick run through the thesis studio and snap some quick shots of the students. So here are the top reasons you can tell it's early in the semester here at TTU. Snow is falling in the English/Philosophy courtyard There are "live" plants in studio Marco's swamped in... View full entry

  • 01/22 workspace and shiner

    By duke19_98
    Jan 22, '05 3:51 PM EST

    Ok guys. Here we go again. Finishing thesis has been one of the best feelings in the world. I'm basically just floating through this semester. I'm taking my last 3 business classes that I need to complete my MBA. In addition, I'm working on a series of paintings for my grad. Arch. elective. I'll... View full entry

  • 01\04 Outstanding + TECH crushes CAL

    By duke19_98
    Jan 4, '05 3:18 PM EST

    Well guys, after several weeks of sitting on my butt at home I'm back in Lubbock gearing up for my last semester of college. I'm happy to announce that the professors and alumni selected my thesis along with 3 others for the outstanding thesis award of Fall 04. In other case you haven't... View full entry

  • 12/17 Christmas Greeting

    By duke19_98
    Dec 17, '04 6:42 PM EST

    Well guys, I'm back in Pampa Tx. I guess that means my semester is officially over. Good luck to all of you who still have a few days left. View full entry

  • 12/14 Now What?

    By duke19_98
    Dec 14, '04 12:59 PM EST

    I decided that I owed at least one more blog so I tooled around the ARCH building today and snapped a couple shots. Info board: In the elevator lobbies of each floor there is a posting board for all the need to know info. A few years ago I started a silent protest against the extremely graphically... View full entry

  • 12/5 The Afterbirth of Nihilistic and Nostalgic Irrationalism

    By duke19_98
    Dec 5, '04 9:20 PM EST

    6'x9' Layout Bryan/Pearl St. As some of you may know from my previous blogs, I chose not to model anything in 3D for this project. This image was composed entirely in Photoshop and took about 9 hours to create. SubLevel The sublevel of the building houses numerous quick meal food vendors. In the... View full entry

  • 11/30 Pinned up! Sleep here I come.

    By duke19_98
    Nov 30, '04 6:34 PM EST

    Well, It's finally here, the grand finale of my architectural education. I've pinned up my thesis and completed my final review. Everything went great. I'm so high on life right now I feel like I could fly. I finished my presentation at 4 yesterday and went home for what I thought would be a short... View full entry

  • 11/17 model construction animated gif

    By duke19_98
    Nov 18, '04 2:48 AM EST

    The final model is now 90% done. I created a simple animated gif that shows it being built. The animation is somewhat deceiving considering that the images were taken over the past two weeks. Some images had several days of work in-between them. I've got a pretty good routine down now. I work... View full entry

  • 11/13 light wiring test, model progress

    By duke19_98
    Nov 13, '04 2:15 AM EST

    Hey guys, Besides the fact that I'm averaging 4 hours of sleep a day, things are going slow but good. My models are taking me longer than expected (isn't that how it usually goes). I'm working on two models. One is a lighted site model. The other is a sectional model with exposed structure. For... View full entry

  • 11\7 chalkboard chick

    By duke19_98
    Nov 8, '04 3:03 AM EST

    Chalkboard chick says "10 days till pin up." The model building is going extremely slow. Its hard to believe you're looking at 3 days work, and 60 bucks of Museum Board. I'm busy cutting out windows right now. I'm pasting cad drawings on the front of museum board, cutting out the windows then... View full entry

  • 11/4 And So the Rat Race begins

    By duke19_98
    Nov 4, '04 6:51 PM EST

    I'm in the home stretch. 98% of the design decisions have been made. I've completed 2 mock up study models that I will combine into one final model. Both are at 1/16" inch scale. One shows the interior, the other shows the exterior. The final model will be constructed so that it breaks away to... View full entry

  • 11/1 "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

    By duke19_98
    Nov 1, '04 11:31 PM EST

    Well, Beulinckx came in today and started hacking at my study model with a pair of scissors. I've got a lot of work to do the next couple of weeks. Being my last weekend of freedom for awhile I decided to make the best of it. We went out to a pumpkin farm and picked a truck load of giant orange... View full entry

  • 10/27 Qualifying Results (new pics)

    By duke19_98
    Oct 27, '04 4:22 PM EST

    The good news is I passed qualifying. The last two days i've been finally getting into 3D max. However today Prof. Beulinckx adamantly opposed any further digital 3d work. I've got some more design work to do on the steel plates and their connection to the steel tubing. She's suggesting (really... View full entry

  • 10/22 Emergency Food Rations

    By duke19_98
    Oct 23, '04 2:44 AM EST

    It's 1:30 am and I broke into the emergency food rations. Sure wish that sushi guy that walks around sciarc was here. I got a good reaming from Buelinckx today, but its all good. I think I should be ok for qualifying review on Monday. I'm even going to take a little time off and go to the football... View full entry

  • 10/20 "I think I Can....I think I can..."

    By duke19_98
    Oct 20, '04 8:41 PM EST

    I'm just about to crack today. Sleep deprivation is kicking in hard core. All my classmates are about to reach the breaking point. We're all on edge. It's funny what childhood memories you recall when your delusional. I'm thinking of a book I had when I was a kid..The Little Engine That Could. I... View full entry

  • 10/18 "it’s actually exploding out of the center"

    By duke19_98
    Oct 19, '04 11:44 AM EST

    What's new in Lubbock? Not much. The halls of the Architecture building are filled with freshman delineation students drawing the traditional hallway perspective. The big news according to the University Daily was that a guy got shot with a BB gun from a fifth floor window of the University Plaza... View full entry

  • 10/14 Thesis Statement and Abstract

    By duke19_98
    Oct 14, '04 6:55 PM EST

    Well, I realized that I have yet to post my Thesis Statement. So for what its worth, here are the statements that back up my thesis along with my abstract. Topic: Articulation of significant residuals Project Statement: Adaptive use of the historic Dallas High School into a market place with... View full entry

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