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    09/10 ok its friday

    By duke19_98
    Sep 10, '04 9:55 PM EST

    Ok its Friday and boy am I glad for that. Prof. Beaulinckx and I are not thinking on the same scale, plane, or maybe not even the same freaking planet. I feel like I'm having to rework the site analysis. I've already done a site up my program and you'll see it on pages 113-165. This is a little frustrating. Having said this she does have a few points about circulation being the main issue in my project. She's also getting me to think about some formal organizing issues. But damnit if she makes me attach a stupid freaking parking garage and pedestrian bridges to my structure I'm going to be pissed.

    We ended our conversation today with her saying, "your stubborn...its Friday go drink some beer." She's a great professor and will help me to think in different directions. I just hope I don't loose course of were I want this thesis to go.

    Until next time.


    • MADianito

      Yo Brian! the beginning i thought u where talking about ur girlfriend... ha! that conversation made me remember my ex...damn, ur proffesor is right...its friday, i better get some beers too...(and a girl)

      Sep 10, 04 10:38 pm

      Listen to every damn word that Hendrika says. Doing so will serve you well.

      Just because 50 pages in your 'program' were labled 'site analysis' doesn't mean that you've adequately performed the task.

      Congratulations on recognizing (and barely mentioning in your write-up) that there is DART rail station about 50 feet from your building. The next step is to take advantage of the condition. Think, man! Everyone in Dallas complains that they wish a DART rail stop was closer to them; you've got one so close that one can literally walk out the front door and get hit by a train. It seems that, for someone so dead set on not having a parking garage, you'd foam at the mouth over such proximity.

      Anyone familiar with the area would agree that circulation plays an integral role in articulating any intervention on which you decide. While the materialization of your project may be quite small in scope, the influences by which it should be informed are both many and go beyond the boundaries of your 'site'. DART rail: 50 feet; major DART bus station: roughly 1/2 mile; nexus of many major automobile arteries in Dallas (75, 35, 45, 30): 1/2 mile radius in just about any direction; AND the building is adjacent to a street that has been converted to exclusive rail/pedestrian use. Situate the project, my friend.

      Sep 16, 04 2:58 pm

      As much as I would like to explain every thought and consideration I have put into this project in this blog, neither you nor I have the time. I have been extremely aware of the DART rail and the implications it has on my site.

      Your correct in the assumption that circulation is the driving force behind this project. That was decided several months ago and has been my main focus for the past few weeks.

      You may be interested to know that Beaulinckx/White came to the agreement today in prelims that this site when coupled with my theoretical approach is not suited for a parking garage. (see my discussion in the blog above concerning my initial feelings about the parking garage)

      As for the ‘site analysis’ in my so called ‘program’, I have taken it further than I did in my program. I’ve used a theory of Landscape Ecology (see Tae-Wook Cha’s essay in Project on the City 2) to analyze the surrounding CBD as a shopping matrix. This analysis along with a more in depth look at circulation has given me a better understanding of the site.

      The comments in the blog above were just me venting. What I should have stressed was my frustration with the fact that Beaulinckx is just now getting to know my site. You see, I had a different Prof. for programming. I also should add that although it may seem otherwise I am aware that Dr. Beaulinckx is a great professor and will help my project tremendously.

      Anyhow, I’ll let you get back to your door schedules and details.

      Sep 16, 04 10:43 pm

      No reason to be cat-ty. I was simply expressing an interest in your project. I'd be interested in seeing what your site analysis turned up.

      I can imagine that the transition from Giaccardo to Buelinckx would be difficult; they're not even on the same planet.

      Idle curiosity: does Hendrika know that you have this weblog?

      Sep 17, 04 10:26 am

      I'm glad you’re interested in my project. I felt that a 'cat-ty' remark was called for considering the condescending tone of your original post. It’s all good though I’m always open to a good critique.

      Actually I never had Giaccarodo either. I had Driskill.

      I probably will not post my site analysis. Unless I can find something that's already in a digital format.

      I've been racking my skull trying to figure out who gonzo was. Sounds familiar but I can't for the life of me remember. ah well. thanks for the interest.

      Sep 17, 04 11:04 am

      So you were going to go from Driskill to Giaccardo? Whatever happened to having the same professor for programming and thesis studio? In any case, Driskill to Buelinckx is also a huge shift.

      I wouldn't expcet that you'd know me; I haven't a clue who you are.

      Sep 17, 04 11:30 am

      Our level has been jerked around for the past year and half that's what happened. Anyhow it really sucks switching profs. Actually they are doing away with the whole programming semester and doing it different starting with those in schematics this fall. However, overall I think it’s a great thing. Beaulinckx is perhaps the best prof. I could have gotten for this project. Her knowledge in formal geometries is going to really help me out in analyzing the existing structure so that eventually I'll achieve the juxtaposition between historic and contemporary.

      When did you graduate? I'm not surprised you don't know me, but I'd imagine I know someone that knows you.

      Sep 17, 04 12:38 pm

      May '02.

      Sep 17, 04 1:07 pm


      Sep 17, 04 7:06 pm


      Sep 19, 04 12:03 pm

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