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    02/01 Its all smiles in thesis

    By duke19_98
    Feb 1, '05 2:48 PM EST

    Today I decided to make a quick run through the thesis studio and snap some quick shots of the students. So here are the top reasons you can tell it's early in the semester here at TTU.

    Snow is falling in the English/Philosophy courtyard
    There are "live" plants in studio
    Marco's swamped in schematic sketches
    Matt's working on what appears to be a site model
    Allison doesn't seem to be concerned about anything
    Grace has yet to decorate her tiny space
    Jay's playing with clay
    Steven...well, he's actually here so it must be early in the semester

    I'll revisit these students at the end of the semester to see how they are hanging in there.

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    • MADianito

      let me know if grace come to Barcelona the best host...hehehe, yeah its going to be funny to watch them at the end of semester

      Feb 1, 05 4:50 pm

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