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    Something forgotten, fun, real, and amazing (ya, architecture)

    Steve Fuchs
    Jul 13, '06 4:36 PM EST

    Ok... I have to let the cat outta the bag.

    Date 1 = Estimated US population of 300,000,000.
    Date 2 = Estimated World population of 10,000,000,000.

    Something forgotten
    - Rating of SCI-Arc Professors... pretty accurate.
    - Also, toothpaste works as a good blemish medicine before bed and on mosquito bites :)

    Something fun
    - Music Genome Project in use
    - What do you want to do with your life?
    - Google Earth Locations of my Solo Projects

    Something real
    A friend and I closed escrow on a beater in a great location locally. Design is at the engineer. House is 80% ripped down. Design development is being furthered in Jay Vano's DD class. My best friend is the contractor (fellow surfer), and our other main partner is an electrician (fellow surfer). It's pretty cool to compare the 3 design iterations against my previous home remodel when school started. Trying to keep within a respectable budget and also push a little bit of an architectural envelop is proving to be a challenge, but a worthy one.

    Wycliff Demo | Starting with the Carpet

    Wycliff Demo | Kitchen and Interior Walls

    Wycliff Demo | My son joins in

    Wycliff Demo | Kitchen and Interior Walls (complete)

    Wycliff Demo | Where'd that carpet go?

    Wycliff Demo | Backyard Landscape?

    Wycliff Demo | On Lockdown

    Wycliff Old Design | As-built in SketchUp

    Wycliff Old Design| Minimal Design (1800 sf "Quick Flip")

    Wycliff Old Design | Maximum Design (3400 sf "Monster")

    Wycliff Curb Appeal | Balanced Design (2440 sf "Island Style")

    Wycliff Aerial Front | Two towers and angled complexity

    Wycliff Aerial Rear | Waiting for Landscape Plan

    Wycliff Roof Plan| Almost Resolved, except for at Large Tower (left)

    Wycliff Floor Plan | Working Design, incorporating Panelite
    ( - currently working here)

    Salvation Mountain | Taking the family to meet Leonard last week

    Getting back to the nitty gritty of building something completely my own has been a bit of an architectural communion. Keeping one foot rooted in a real project and the other in a more theoretical thesis is an ultimate way to transition from grad school back to the real world and hopefully academia within a few years. Build people!

    Mug Shot | The fastest parallel processor I know :)

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