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    Your da Archinect GUY, Right?

    Steve Fuchs
    Sep 18, '04 12:31 AM EST

    Hey, mon... you da Archinect guy, right? Fucks? -- uh, no... it's Fooks, like Books. OK, mon, we was just having a discussion about it over der (Friday's @ five).

    Well, all this exposure (to be honest, just a face with a name around school) has brought my work to the eyes of many. Not to mention the fact that I am seated right in the football field length hallway and I pin up my progress on a usual basis. I really am not striving for critical acclaim, I'll let my work speak for itself. I do enjoy creative writing a bit and happen to find the written word helps me encapsulate thoughts; it's also known as the last step of the creative process -- evaluation.

    This week has been exciting. Hernan came back from the Biennale to start the semester, and Elena has shown herself to be quite motivating to most of us. Our professors are truly interested in our work; they have a genuine interest in moving architecture beyond standard practices. Hernan and Elena make for an interesting combination of beauty and form, in that order (he tends to be loose, while she can be exact).

    We had our first pin-up on Monday and I've included a few pictures of the work Anonymity and I produced. Take it or leave it -- the exercises were geared toward us investigating technique and transcending the metaphor of a flower. Currently, we are working in Maya to make components out of our final model by studying blendShapes and multiplicity. The studio has just about turned totally paperless at this point and the work is still challenging as hell. Most of us need clarification of the assignments and help eachother out to understand what is expected of us. So far, Anonymity and I have "hit the nail on the head" every time. Morpheus warned me to remain hungry no matter how good or bad a critique we get. Every assignment should be treated as ground zero -- take what you've learned from the previous assignments and create something new using all of your newfound techniques. In conjunction, Hernan further emphasized this point in studio today.

    This weekend, Anonymity and I will work apart on Saturday and combine techniques on Sunday in preparation for a Monday desk crit. We'll be exploring the use of Maya to represent our final model as a blendShape of the full bloom of our geometry (aka flower).

    Technique Study | First Pin-Up

    Technique Study | Rhino to Unfold

    Technique Study | Eye to Unfold

    Final Model | Eye Level

    Final Model | Seams (far)

    Final Model | Seams (close)


    • sahar

      I think the idea of this studio is interesting. I did something similar for a studio with the topic of seam. We created patterns (blanks) of various objects and the first project, a bag, did not to seem as architectural as it really was. Some of the most interesting projects came out of it, because seams, patterns, fabric properties, etc were being explored and applied to architecture.

      Best of luck.

      Sep 18, 04 9:26 pm  · 

      Thanks, Sahar. I've noticed the images I post and the critical work involved does have a bit of a disconnect. My SCI-Arc photoblog is just frozen moment in time to keep blog readers visually stimulated. By no means have I been able to capture the studio experience, yet.

      Sep 19, 04 10:44 pm  · 

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