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    RETRO POST #04: Prefab Investigations

    Steve Fuchs
    May 6, '04 12:54 AM EST
    RETRO POST #04: Prefab Investigations
    From my personal blog (before Archinect)
    Authored 2004-05-05 @ 09:54:47 PM

    Over the last 2 weeks I've been investigating the use of prefab homes for a development along the Colorado River. What I've found is amazing. I know this stuff is not new, but it certainly is architecturally significant. First, I discovered FabPreFab through a Google search and took a liking to LV Home, a project designed by a SCI-Arc alum (1999) named Rocio Romero.

    I also did an Amazon search for prefab books and found PREFAB and 25 Houses under 2,500 Square Feet. I located the PREFAB book at a local book store and was impressed with how close it followed the material in my Architecture History class. From Le Corbusier to Levittown to the Case Study homes of California, PREFAB gives a decent synopsis of prefab history and continues the tradition by promoting Los Angeles architects, such as Wes Jones, a professor at SCI-Arc and Jennifer Siegal, another SCI-Arc alum (1994).

    Lastly, I happened on the DWELL magazine site and refreshed my memory about their DWELL Home Invitational. The winner, Resolution 4: Architecture has an awesome "modern modular" mini-site. I'm beginning to feel this could be a worthwhile direction to pursue during graduate school.

    ** Comments from my personal blog

    2004-05-31 @ 05:40:48 AM
    Prefab is too trendy, don't get sucked in. You're going to Sci-Arc so you have a lot to live up to. Prefab is far from the edge.

    Steve Fuchs
    2004-06-03 @ 00:43:16 AM
    I hear your thoughts loud and clear. Though the prefab meme (buzz) is abound, I have been feverishly reading and soaking up all advice. I'm learning that SCI-Arc is going to show me the edge, and I need to be both patient and ready.

    Modernism, in general, is making a comeback, though -- or did it ever enter the mainstream? In any event, I have been researching many options for this project on the Colorado river, and I certainly don't want to put trash there.

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