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    Coincidentalism + other vocabulary

    Steve Fuchs
    Oct 13, '05 2:13 PM EST

    The most amazing thing happened at the beach last week. After a 1.5 hr session in shoulder high wind swell””just enough to say hello to a few local friends””an older local guy who I don't care for much exchanged small talk as I went to the shower to change. I briefly mentioned that I was “still stretching out my wetsuit” because it was the first real day that the water temperature dropped below 60 degrees. I was already on my way to the shower when he called me back... he actually offered me a brand new fullsuit (3/2 Body Glove XXL MATR1X worn a total of about 20 times). Insane. From what I can piece together he's leaving for the islands (Hawai'i) next week and won't need the suit. Three things coincided here and I'm not sure what to make of them. One, just before the session, I noticed my current wetsuit's zipper was broken, but was able to make it work for the time being. Second, the smallest of generosities by someone who your not fond of can go a long way to repairing / changing that person's perception of you. Third, I've been digging deep into cinema/game theory lately, especially “The Matrix”. So, crazy. Call me a coincidentalist, but being in “the flow” speaks to me in ways when self-motivation starts to lack.

    river flowing in princeton

    A methodology based on the allowance of serendipity.

    finding something useful while graduating

    The art of finding something uselful while looking for something else.

    Studio has been amazing. Ed Keller (instructor) and Bryan Flaig (asst. critic) have truly created an environment for learning that is quite unique to the pedagogies I've been previously immersed in. Whether this is a result of choosing SCI-Arc or it choosing me, or Ed being both open-ended / intense and Bryan helping us get focused / genuinely a fun guy, this vertical semester (the integration of undergrads and grads) has opened my eyes to some innovative ideas about architectural education.

    pedagogy (child)

    andragogy (adult)

    pedagogy vs. andragogy


    empericism, nativism, and constructivism
    Montessori and Constructivism

    behaviorism vs. constructivism

    challenging tradition

    applied constructivism
    Constructivist theory as used in a museum setting.

    This last weekend I was in Philadelphia, Trenton, Princeton & New York to 'walk' for my undergrad graduation ceremony (picture above) which I missed last year. What an amazing time. My wife, baby, Mom and Stepdad joined me in the festivities which included a sincerely inspiring graduation ceremony.

    TESC building

    TESC sign

    TESC history

    Also part of the weekend was a quaint stay in Princeton (see pictures above), purchase of some great books, a new continuation of many studio and seminar ideas, visiting NY (Holland Tunnel, WTC site, Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island + Nathan's, PS1 / MoMA (pictures below), Guggenheim, Central Park, Columbus Ave, Times Square, SoHo + Lombardi's and Rice to Riches)... quite a long day in NY.

    NY Empire State Building

    NY Central Park looking North from Empire State Building

    NY Lombardis - 1st Pizzaria in US

    NY Rice to Riches - rice pudding for everyone

    NY Coney Island - Cyclone Roller Coaster

    The next day in Philly, the liberty bell, independence hall, south street + cheesesteaks at Jim's Steaks, and a great walk through the historic and downtown museum disctricts.

    Liberty Building

    Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

    Jim's Steaks Storefront

    Jim's Steaks on the Grill

    A good portion of this plays really well into my studio design this semester. Experiential, hands-on learning balanced with theoretical understanding and deductive reasoning, sprinkled with some coincidentalism makes for a great andragogy, yes andragogy not pedagogy (I AM an adult, not a child or kid as some like to refer to unlicensed architects--sorry for the rant).

    PS1 disassembled

    PS1 debris field

    And, just for fun (for the archi-nerds like me)
    The 10 Stupidest Utopias
    I've been studying Constant's "New Babylon" for studio.

    SECRET: (10 + 2 ) * 5 ... the procrastination hack
    How could I have forgotten this one (i.e., waited so long to share this)?!? Here is a great way to overcome the procratination bug. It hits self-motivation a few times per week and needs to be treated on a consistant basis. Honestly, I've found this method to be VERY productive.


    • Francisco David Boira

      Say Hello to Bryan for me please, love the guy and hope his doing well at Graft.

      Oct 13, 05 5:26 pm  · 

      Sure will... I'll see Bryan in studio tomorrow @ 2PM sharp!

      Oct 13, 05 10:15 pm  · 

      wow that is perhaps the human post you've delivered - wow. But really what are you doing with the stuffed baby. Did you teach that trick, play still and the big guy will take silly photos?

      Congrats on the graduation, and by the way I think there are times when life aligns itself with its occupants creating amazing moments - SCI-Arc + are the poster buy (the one)

      Oct 13, 05 10:23 pm  · 

      steve, did you ride the cyclone twice in a row?

      Oct 14, 05 8:12 am  · 

      Hey, Santino. I wish it was open! I went to Coney Island just to ride it--to get air after that first major drop. Remember that? Insane! Basically, I took my family on a 10 hour tour of the city (sort of a condensed version of our 7 day tour in June/July). Since being back, I miss NY already :(

      Oct 14, 05 11:06 am  · 

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