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    Baby! 5+1=6

    Steve Fuchs
    Aug 24, '07 2:27 AM EST
    Baby | Birth Announcement

    Baby | Little Peanut

    Baby | Long Little Noodle

    The baby is here! Nicole and I rushed to the hospital last night (30 days early) after she started getting contractions 5 minutes apart, then 4, 3, 2, 1 :) Believe it or not, it only took a single hard push and little Kami was introduced to the both of us. She's such a little peanut that they've been monitoring her in the preemie unit--just as a precaution. Looks like we'll be going home on Saturday, and the baby can come home Sunday. Everyone is welcome to send wishes by phone, email or stop by Torrance Memorial (Room 308 for now).

    We'll take very good care and ENJOY our photos of the baby and my collection of photos from the recent trip to Indonesia!

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    • b3tadine[sutures]

      Steve, congrats, beautiful child you've got there! Have fun!

      Aug 24, 07 4:45 am  · 

      fantastic! that's 1 thing checked off that crazy list of things you have going this year. and...well...a lot of new responsibilities added to the list! hope kamryn's nice enough to let you get your sleep.

      Aug 24, 07 6:59 am  · 


      Aug 24, 07 11:14 am  · 

      Congratulations, she is a very beautiful baby.

      Aug 24, 07 11:20 am  · 
      Alexander Jack

      Congrats Steve!

      Aug 24, 07 11:28 am  · 

      Thanks everyone for your "well wishes". Kami has been progressively getting better, including opening her eyes to focus on our silhouettes -- blue eyes, of course. More pics to follow.

      Aug 24, 07 11:41 am  · 


      Aug 24, 07 12:26 pm  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      Congrats! Hope mother and baby are doing well!

      Aug 24, 07 3:00 pm  · 

      you's crazy man-

      Best to the fam/

      Aug 24, 07 6:04 pm  · 

      Thanks Appleseed, ACfA, Apurimac! You know how we do it... Crazy like a fox (Fuchs = Fox in German... haha).

      Aug 24, 07 10:45 pm  · 

      Kami is gorgeous, congratulations

      Aug 25, 07 12:20 am  · 

      Well done Steve & Co.!!!

      You’ve been blessed with a gorgeous girl there! Hope all is well and you had a chance to take her home.

      By the way, she doesn’t really look premature (at least in the photos). On a related note, my sis was a little impatient as well…the attitude continues to this day (watch out my man). ;)

      Also, you better chill on the baby making business…any more and you’ll have to donate a few for scientific experiments! Whahahahahahaa!

      Take care,


      PS- Your indo trip photos are spectacular, and it looks like your kids aren't slowing you down....your ripping hard on those waves man!

      Aug 26, 07 3:08 am  · 

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