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    Body Worlds x) *Hiccup*

    Steve Fuchs
    Sep 25, '04 2:35 AM EST

    Flidays at Flive $Sx%3# ... lots of characters.

    I gotta say, as I get to know the people in my studio, I'm really glad I am here. Truly, there are a lot of characters. Open bar on Fridays is great because the masks get lifted to reveal some great personalities. Tonight a few of us went out for sushi after and had a pretty fun time getting to know eachother -- I guess a few beers and sushi can do that to you. Earlier in the day, we went by the California ScienCenter to see the "Body Worlds" exhibit. You want to talk about getting to know yourself? Now that is something every human being in the world should experience. The exhibit features 25 cadavers and over 200 body parts. Everything from sliced bodies to 12 inch testicles are "exposed" for all to investigate the human condition. We were encouraged by our studio professors to go in a group and discuss the show's architectural significance.

    Apart from vodka shots, being double fisted, and nostril checks, the week ended on quite a high note. We were split into two groups, half of us went with Elena and the other half to Hernan. I have to say, I curiously wanted to be with Elena, but am elated to have Hernan impose his Latin sensibilities on our team -- I came here to loosen up and find beauty in not only myself but my work. Say what you will about "blobs" and the trajectory of technique-based design, Hernan is the reason to be at SCI-Arc. Everyone who sat with him today to talk about the rest of the semester felt kickass after we left Room 225. I think I heard theatrical theme music as I left... maybe the Star Wars victory song, maybe the song from the Cantina (since we all have such different backgrounds... hehe).

    Studio itself is starting to take on an exciting new direction. It's no longer about our flower -- things are moving toward technique and abstraction, cinematic effect and supermodern affect. Next, we have to focus our concept statment in a way that takes on historical precedents, ours being the topic of double curvature. Here's what we presented today as our preliminary focus for the semester:

    Using double curve relationships, we propose to engage the dialectic dialog of skin and structure to mutate the boundaries between inside and outside, opening and closure, liquid and solid systems.

    One area of focus I'm looking forward to exploring is non-perspective space. It's quite ironic that the last book I was working on with my professor was all about the topic of perspective drawing. In a sense, it's the reason I am here at SCI-Arc; I've wanted for so long to have a place to explore MY ideas in a heavily digital framework. Now remember, M.Arch 2 at SCI-Arc is one of the only purely digital programs in the country. Most others here are all about making stuff and pushing representational limits. Those of us in 2GAX have a different trajectory -- pushing the limits of simulation. I'm not sure if everything about our program is software-based design technique, but be fully prepared for Maya, Rhino, and NURBS if you get a chance to be part of this Los Angeles experiment. I'm WAY into it, and so are most of my good friends here.

    Well, I have a lot of images to post and little time to do it in. My wife is probably waiting for my return and the kids are excited about having a "beach day" tomorrow. Enjoy the photos as I make the 30 minute trip home :)

    California ScienCenter | Jet over to the Body Worlds Exhibit

    California ScienCenter | Skin and Structure

    California ScienCenter | Hypar Design

    Aerospace Museum | Bad Gehry

    Aerospace Museum | Take off, eh!

    Natural History Museum | Fly By...

    Exposition Park | Rose Garden

    Science Center School | Morphosis 1

    Science Center School | Morphosis 2

    Science Center School | Morphosis 3

    Science Center School | Morphosis 4

    Science Center School | Morphosis 5


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      "I came here to loosen up and find beauty in not only myself but my work"

      To mention a subjective word such as beauty without philosopical pretext erks me. I am sure they use that word loosley at your school but try to understand what it is. I just find it interesting that Sci-Arc really never touches any Kantian writings and expects students to have some knowledge of what the word beauty means.

      My 2cent

      Other than that I am enjoying this Blog

      Sep 27, 04 11:23 am  · 

      Actually, Pete, when I was in my 2GAX semester, we read a full 80 pages of Kants Aesthetics. Don't assume...

      Oct 3, 04 8:32 pm  · 

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