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    The End? Hehe... no.

    Steve Fuchs
    Apr 13, '07 3:07 AM EST
    Post-Thesis | Just the beginning

    This is what is currently on my living room nightstand. In order...

    1. Game Theory
    2. Shape | Flat Abs & Buns
    3. Maternity Instruction Manual
    4. Choose Your Own Adventure #1
    5. Social Theory
    6. Technique
    7. Practice
    8. Game Reader
    9. Fortune | Patagonia
    10. Surfing | Mentawais


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      Us surfers at sci-arc need to get together. I don't get in the water enough and know I would if I had people from school to go with regularly.

      Apr 13, 07 3:30 am  · 

      Hey SOT... Archinect Beach Party? Movie night? There's nothing like beers, surf flicks, and good food. I'll have a ton of footage of the Mentawais in another month. Me and 9 other guys are going to Sumatra next week for 16 days. Check this out...

      I'm planning on incorporating the trip as after-thesis research, too.

      Stay tuned :)

      Apr 13, 07 4:00 am  · 
      Mason White

      when is the baby due date?

      Apr 13, 07 10:38 am  · 

      September 29th... #4, yikes. Nicole's healthy... but now I'm beginning to think I should focus my attention on the American MidWest Vernacular :)

      Apr 13, 07 10:49 am  · 
      Mason White

      congrats! whoa, no.4? then you know what to expect by now!

      Apr 13, 07 11:47 am  · 

      Ya... just a little experience :) There'll be a mild upsurge in emotions and tag teaming the crib--postpartum. I have an 11 yr old, 8, 20 mo, and my doe has a joey in the pouch. I've always found it fascinating that a good portion of starchitects have poor family lives. That would be a great discussion topic... any takers?

      Apr 13, 07 12:26 pm  · 

      rules of play = great book

      curious as to your intentions?

      and you'll find all the info you need on HL2 mods in their wiki...

      resume talking about babies...

      Apr 13, 07 1:01 pm  · 

      Post-Thesis Beach Conference?

      Apr 13, 07 2:03 pm  · 

      Wow - that trip to sumatra looks amazing. How many boards are you going to take?

      Are there many people at sci-arc that you surf with? I have yet to come by many (or any) people that are "real" surfers.

      Apr 13, 07 6:09 pm  · 

      the question should what age do you take your kids surfing? Hope all goes well...

      Apr 13, 07 7:47 pm  · 

      I'd love to sure with people from SCI-Arc, but where are these surf stars? When I was setup in school, all I ever saw was delaminated longboards. As far as when / where I surf--I've been in LA for 20 years, so I've got my local break wired (Royal Palms in San Pedro), obviously... and I do my fair share of time at Lower Trestles (mostly summer and South swells) and below Ensenada (a few times per year if I'm lucky). My Pops lives in Honolulu, and I have buddies on the North Shore. AND... as if that was not enough, my Mom lives in Florida and my Aunt in San Diego... hehe.

      Regarding the trip, I'm taking 3 boards:

      1. Trick Stick - 6'5 Lost Speed Demon 3
      2. Tube Rider - 6'6 Kelly Slater K-Step (pin tail)
      3. Mack Daddy - 7'-0 Al Merrick MBB (paddling speed)

      I weight 225 lbs and am 5'11+, so I need a little length and float. Landing airs with this weight has ruined me in the past, but my knees are back to 100% so hopefully 11 days of the Mentawais won't bring up any old wounds.

      When / where do you surf SOT? I'm not sure if you've seen my previous surf post, but here are some older pics:

      Gotta love San Pedro and a strong WNW or SSE swell :)

      Apr 13, 07 7:50 pm  · 

      Age... hrm.

      My son Nathan has been skating since age 2 in our alley, and surfing since age 4. He started boogieboarding first, then I bought him a full suit with booties so he'd last longer and not complain. He catches his own waves now on my bigger shortboards. I'm gonna try a longboard with him this summer so see if he has more fun cruising on longer waves. One of my previous posts shows him skating Channel Street skatepark under the freeway--8 foot drop-ins at age 8... NICE :)

      Apr 13, 07 7:53 pm  · 

      impressive....always nice to pass on traits and talents to the ones you love

      Apr 13, 07 8:19 pm  · 

      That kid is growing up fast-

      Have fun on teh trip!

      Apr 13, 07 10:33 pm  · 

      Lately I've been surfing making the trek up to Ventura - Point Mugu, Silverstrand....
      I spent a lot of time at 3rd Point at Malibu last summer.

      I surf with "A Center for Ants" when our schedules work out - good times.

      I have yet to find sci-arc surfers... still plenty of delaminated longboards around though. Have you ever surfed with Juan? I've been trying to get him out in the water.

      I moved out here from Hawaii and now live in downtown LA. It's strange living so far away from the ocean.. the distance + school + lack of friends that surf here keeps me out of the water more than I'd like to admit. It also keeps me from feeling as comfortable on my board as I used to be.

      Apr 14, 07 1:31 am  · 

      santino: you bring the bbq; i'll bring the carne asada... or vice-versa.

      archi: no doubt, my oldest daughter has a passion for drawing and fashion. i'm hoping to impart upon her some skills using illustrator :)

      apple: thanks man. i miss you guys... and the whole thesis thing.

      sot: i need to get up north more often. i've surfed "el porto" for the first time during a 1.5x overhead SW swell a few weeks ago and LOVED it. keep me in the loop if you plan anything after i get back. baja runs are so damn fun. juan was my adviser along with ed keller. i'd like to see juan in the water, too. maybe we can strong arm him together! hawai'i, eh? where abouts? did you grow up there? i lived there during the 80's in pearl city and attended p.c elementary and p.c. highlands. even braved hurricane iwa with my folks... such good times. well, as far as out of the water time, there is always "kelly slater surfing game for pc" to keep your mind in tune. i have a rip if you need it. believe it or not, that game has opened my mind up from an arsenal of about 6 tricks to about 20. it's amazing how agile a simulation game can make you. it's almost like i can slow down and pick from 10 trick options when i'm on a wave now... hehe. i've been working on my 360s and am beginning to pull a "carver" (an off-the-lip where you just keep going all the way around).

      i'm planning on doing something special when i return from my trip. i need to talk to paul, but either way, i will publish portions in my blog.

      ok... back to architecture.

      Apr 15, 07 2:45 am  · 

      Steve...just caught up with your new entry. How was your trip? I take it you just missed out on the middle of May triple overhead+ Indo swell?

      Jun 4, 07 12:20 am  · 

      Ya, that swell was INSANE. Missed it by two weeks, man. I just got thru my pictures and did a Top 100 non-surfing and Top 10 surfing. I'll post them somewhere soon. I'm gearing up for a competition and the baby. How's it down in the OC?

      Jul 6, 07 12:40 am  · 

      Thing's are going pretty well. We've contemplating a move to Colorado (if my firm opens an office there). I am over (and have been for some time now) the pretentiousness of SoCal, particularly OC. I really want my girl's to grow up in a less vane environment (where I can ski/ board of course)....we'll see.

      Man, your logging in some serious post marriage/ kid adventure time. I envy you…keep it up!

      Aug 11, 07 2:07 pm  · 

      Hey Bula,

      Let me tell you there's a TON of things going on with me right now. This is my last week at Panelite. I start with Gehry Technologies on Thursday afternoon, after the final presentations for my first class teaching 3D Modeling for Designers using mostly SketchUp. I just got a new sidejob doing a 3500 sf remodel on a coastal lot in Pedro AND my wife's 8 months pregnant, plus we are looking to move. I thought all the stuff going on in graduate school was insane... haha.

      I hear ya about the OC / SoCal thing. San Pedro is a pretty small town so we mostly complain how blue collar it is (kinda the opposite). Keep in touch if you move. I'm guessing this thing will make it easier to do that and there's always Facebook.

      Aug 12, 07 1:31 am  · 

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