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    RETRO POST #10: Lecture | 7/22/04

    Steve Fuchs
    Aug 1, '04 9:01 PM EST
    RETRO POST #10: Lecture | 7/22/04
    From my personal blog (before Archinect)
    Authored on 2004-08-01 @ 06:01:52 PM

    E M I N A T E . O R G
    "Evening Conversations Series"

    Materials & Applications Webcast | July 22, 2004

    Speakers : Paul Preissner / Marcelo Spina / Hernan Diaz Alonso

    CLICK TO LISTEN! (.mp3 file, 11.9MB)

    Paul Preissner [SOM, LLP + QUA'VIRARCH]
    Who I'm In Love With
    A smallish lecture about the ultimate condition of architecture (Beauty) and why we are In Love with her.

    Marcelo Spina [PATTERNS]
    FoRM / Fluency of Rhythmic Materialities
    FoRM will focus on the potential of systems that populate, constitute and intersect a series of recent projects, exhaustively rehearsing the imminence of the intensive materiality within these systems and the rhythmic sensitive outcomes they produce (while influencing one another), akin to the complexity of contemporary life.

    Hernan Diaz Alonso [XEFIROTARCH]
    Red, Beautiful, Horrific, Cartoons
    If the logic with an excessive systematicity; then the horrific would find a way of eloping by inserting an emphasis in the figures at play, the figures within its external immediate spatial boundaries, instead of it's interior confines.

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