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    Studio Space Assigned

    Steve Fuchs
    Sep 2, '04 8:07 PM EST

    Today, studio space was designated in "miracle 1/4 mile". Note to self: don't forget your skateboard ever again. My toes got all raw from walking around the building so much today. I even wore thick socks. Scooters and skateboards are the preferred method of transportation at school; there's even scooter parking inside!

    I was correct in assessing where our studio would be located. It paid off, too; the location I wanted was available due to the fact that I was the first one to know about it. Let me just tell everyone something... be curious, ask questions, and meet people. Some of us have started to band together in our space. It looks like over 1/2 of us have not even shown up to school yet. Did they miss orientation?

    The location I chose was for a specific purpose. Get my work exposed and my face recognized. There's also a chance for me to do some design work around my desk that will be a nice buffer to the main hallway. It should help me be accessible, yet tucked into the studio space. Mark, Anonymity, Trent, and Santino have opted to locate in the same proximity. Sincerely, from what I can gather so far, I'm stoked they're going to be as intellectually involved as I will be.

    In addition, while a few of us from school were waiting for studio allocations, I popped over to the supply store a 1/2 block from campus (deep within the Artist's District and across from Crazy Gideon's Electronics). While inside, I snapped a few cool pictures.

    Supply Store | Welcome Message

    Supply Store | Interior (Cash Wrap)

    Supply Store | Sharpies Anyone?

    Supply Store | Rows of Cardboard

    Supply Store | Black Foam Core Rocks!

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