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    First REAL Project

    Steve Fuchs
    Sep 4, '04 1:10 AM EST

    I took a drive by my first real project. Of course I've done a lot of work for local contractors & developers, including working for Obelisk Architects and 2.5 books with Dr. Osamu Wakita. But this project is special to me. From start to permit, and now continuing to help resolve design issues, my ideas are being fully implemented -- sans a principal or project designer hanging over the project.

    For sure, this is not cutting edge, but for sure, it is the nitty gritty that I will probably not get at school. I've worked for myself for the last 3-4 years holding my own as a local designer and taking on projects from architectural design & construction documents, to web design, to company branding/identities. For the most part, my involvement is now "brother-in-law mode" (unpaid), but I will continue to observe and help resolve issues with the design & contractor.

    Here's a peak at the currents state of the project...

    First REAL Project | Existing Roof Plan

    First REAL Project | Proposed Roof Plan

    First REAL Project | Proposed Floor Plan

    First REAL Project | Side Yard (West Wall)

    First REAL Project | Backyard (North Wall)

    First REAL Project | Gutted House (Fireplace)


    • Hi Alex... I went to for undergrad. The goal was to get an accredited degree in my field, then move on to grad school. TESC offers a 4 year BSAST in Architectural Design. In short, you can have 80 units of community college credit put toward 120 units of your BS. What I did was maximize my architecture courses in junior college, then take 40 units of general education and electives. This is totally within the realm of a plausible degree scenario.

      Let me add that I've worked for a contractor, subcontractor, architecture firm, and was the techincal illustrator for 2.5 architecture books with my professor. So, I have a lot of real world experience and can draft like there is no tomorrow. I've been called a CAD expert and have CAD managed a few firms over the years. My experience led me to start my own consulting company (I'm the only employee) about 3-4 years ago. My children are now going to school full time this semester (1st & 4th grade), so I planned things out to start grad school once they were brought up to a certain level of fatherly nurturing and could fend a little more for themselves (chores, etc.).

      I chose SCI-Arc to round out my technical skillset and develop my design sensibilities. My goal is to teach architecture and/or design at a college level within a few years of completing my Masters. My advice for getting into any grad school is let your passion for the major you are applying show through. I've been deeply involved with architecture from high school (vocational architecture). Keep in mind I am 32 years old. That's 16 years of technical and design related involvement. Honestly, I didn't do an over-designed portfolio; selection of work, objective descriptions, and clean format were my portfolio strengths.

      Another reason I chose SCI-Arc -- or it chose me -- was proximity. It is the closest school to my apartment, and relocating was not part of the plan for my wife and kids. Besides the cost of going to SCI-Arc, everything else is perfect. I'm going to try and work a bit to keep the bills paid, then hopefully transition to 4 months off for my thesis. I hope I answered your questions... you can keep this commentary going, if you have further thoughts or inquiries.

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