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    Work? What's that...

    Steve Fuchs
    Sep 3, '04 4:30 PM EST

    6:00 am Damn Alarm Clock
    6:30 am Damn Alarm Clock
    6:45 am Shower + Shave
    7:15 am Internet + Email
    7:30 am Leave for Work at Client's Office

    I figured out that I have to work 3 hrs 20 mins, 5 days a week to pay all my bills (ie support my family) while in school. This is without having to take out more than a Stafford loan. Basically, that boils down to $100/day , $500/week , or $2000/month. Since, for the most part, my base freelance rate is $30/hr, things should be O.K. My only concern is if my client base dwindles when I really need it. By design, I try to hold a few things off until I know I have time to "knock them out". Working for myself is the only way I can do the whole graduate school thing without going into uncontrollable debt. My plan is to work in the early mornings; put my 3+ hours in; and then off to school to be involved in afternoon and evening studio. If I fall behind either with school or work, then weekends are the time and place to catch up.

    Just to add a few pics to the photoblog... Hurricane Howard is bearing down on Southern California. Surf forecasts are putting wave heights in the DOH (double overhead) range for tomorrow and Sunday. This is a perfect way to cap off a pretty lame summer of surf and get my fill before Hernan's intellectual wave! Here's some previous pictures of me surfing my home break.

    Surfing | Launching Air

    Surfing | Rock Hopping

    Surfing | The Setup

    Surfing | Tearing Off-the-Lip


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      Steve Fuchs....

      I just recently found Archinect in a roundabout way. This site is crawling with lots of colorful personalities but you by far are the most inspiring to me.

      I read some of your blog and I am totally blown away at how you are doing what you are doing. Reason being, I too went to community college (Larry Wood / OCC), live in SoCal (OC), have dos kiddies and a wifey, and love to surf (though I sucketh). We also seem to be around the same age (30?).

      Though unlike you, I went straight to work for a firm after a year off in Wyoming and haven’t stopped since. Reason being is back at the OCC I was told California was one of the last bastions (and still is) for obtaining licensure without an accredited bachelor degree. Though what I did not know was that the reciprocal licensure agreement between most states requires the “accredited” degree….dough! I have been testing for the ARE the last few years (slow going with kids) but have been also thinking about doing exactly what you are doing, though just going for the accredited bachelor (no Masters). One thing is I have a house I love (my only debt) and all the associated bills. Other bills such as family health insurance, car insur., etc. are also pretty hefty (which I am sure you are well aware of).

      So how in the world do you do this man!!??? I can’t see how you find time to surf, go to school (and it also appears be very active in school), do freelance work, post a mountain of info. on this site, and especially spend time with your family??? Just working full time, DIYing my house, and testing for the ARE is swamping to me….sometimes I feel like my kids wonder if they even have a dad. I would love to surf more but my work hours are pretty strict so I cram a morning session in here and there when there’s enough light and when the tide is good and size is there….so basically once in a millennium….last good day out was I think a Friday in early Sept (15mph offshore, warm, 6-8’, 38th Newport, in at 5:30am dark w/ one guy out already…out of the water at 7am w/ 5,000,000 guys cramming in).

      Anyhow, thanks for posting your life…I may just live vicariously through you!


      Oct 27, 04 7:53 pm  · 

      Oh... plans. Yes, I've taken the extra financial aid (private loans) to make things smoother. I do still work at school and do the occasional sidejob, but 3+ hours per day / 5 days a week ... WTF was I thinking? Well, someone else may be able to do it, but I'm the type that likes to live a little. You know, like getting smashed at Fridays-at-Five and barfing twice in the parking lot and passing out in my car for the first time since high school. (That was for you Appleseed, you're the best bartender the parking lot has ever seen... well, at least the youngest!)

      Oct 28, 04 4:34 am  · 

      Uh... I forgot why I came to this page... oh ya, it was referenced by a newer blog post.

      Oct 28, 04 4:37 am  · 

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