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    Secret Emails...

    Steve Fuchs
    Jun 4, '05 7:42 AM EST
    (found emails... shhhhh)


    Hi Guys... (Herman pun intended)

    My little hide plase in Aaarjentina is almos finish. Is why I no post.
    Somebody help me find sent kee to send emales? Anydoby going NY?

    Hi friends -- God I miss the irreverent, interstudio banter. Funny thing is... I was drinking tonight, too (at the Panelite BBQ). So ya, I'm up at 2:30 AM hearkening back to the good ol' 2G_X core days looking to see if my old Dodge rims will fit on my Tahoe so I can be safe with new tires so I can drive out to the Colorado River on Sunday for a kidless 3-day with the wife and friends so I can get 1/2 drunk like Anon2 and hurt myself wakeboarding and skurfing down to the sandbar and through the no wake zone in Red Rock Canyon. On a lighter and not so 1/2 note, Nicole is now 7 months pregnant; it's a girl if you have not heard. We're totally in love... haha, almost 10 years of marriage is blissfully blinding! I wish you all the same. Anyway, my buzz is wearing off and the South winds are starting to make me stuffy. Anyone headed to NY at the end of the month? I heard the big "party" is June 30th and the lackluster opening for the MOMA board is June 26th. Is this correct?

    Anyone find real (paying) jobs, yet? Here's a list of current goodies:
    AutoCAD 2006 (you know you need it if you are working at an office and for some reason PS1 people happen to be using it... go figure), formZ 5 (Transformers -- more than meets the eye), VIZ 2006 / MAX 7 (undergrads and outreach only), Rhino 4 beta (1337 peeps & CNC creeps), Maya Tutorials up the yin-yang (now you too can model an alien head), Maya 6.5 (you might want to wait until the genr8 plugin is upgraded first), Adobe CS2 Suite (designers are dead now that there's a perspective tool in Photoshop... long live DIY and Craftsman tools), and last but not least Pepekura 2 (enhanced folding edges and they bought out Lamina -- so you can now make foldy mylar models and carry them around with you for those unexpected moments when everything is going wrong/right -- depending on your biorhythm chart).

    Banter, Banter, Goooooooooo SCI-FI! What's everyone going to be for Halloween? Let's all go as X'ers and dress up like faculty. Oh wait, Anon3 and I already did that. Awh hell, we can do it again (funny thing is I recently went to a wedding and found a cheap cigar in my coat pocket from that night). Ok, I'm bored now. Good morning. I should slap this on Archinect just to stir up some fun. Anyone object? Yes? Ok... it's done.

    Last thing, I just figured out why Herman doesn't spell check. For one, it'd take him too long, and two... his name would always change to Herman so he doesn't "give a f*ck". Oh boy!! Anon5, you da man.

    Signed... Anonymous (oh wait, that name is already taken -- oh well, there's no fiddling with statistics and I hate Blue Grass music -- which takes us back to Rednecks and West Virginia... mountain mama, take me home).

    Piece (motioning with three fingers up for W -- where's Bean?)



    Anon2 wrote:

    >> Anon3 and I were drinking tonight. I forgot what I was supposed to say. Lohan turned into a little crack whore. PS1 sucks. FormZ rules!



    >> On Jun 3, 2005, at 3:26 PM, Anon4 wrote:
    >> how are we going to stay one big happy family if nobody posts?
    >> anyways,
    >> i'm not really into rednecks but i am into super dorky guys, and jedi
    >> humor.
    >> and...
    >> me and lindsey almost had identical crashes!! ok maybe not.
    >> ok back to work.
    >> good bye forever.
    >> Anon4


    • santino

      during the drinking escapade last night I lost my phone, so no job offers for me_s(anon)tino

      Jun 4, 05 3:42 pm  · 

      ahaha, you didn't wanna work that bad anyways.

      Jun 4, 05 6:47 pm  · 

      wait 'til anon4 checks their email at work and finds this! hehe

      Jun 4, 05 9:55 pm  · 
      Sese Seko

      hey. i was sci-arc in the 3.5 program and im going to be in new york for the ps1 opening later this month... can anyone go? or is it invitation only? any info you have would help.. thanks

      Jun 5, 05 3:16 pm  · 

      post noted. santino that was a new phone. how paris hilton of you.

      Jun 9, 05 7:34 pm  · 

      paste other's shit to fill out here? that's easy .

      Jun 12, 05 11:13 pm  · 

      OK "xer"... in case you didn't clue in... response 2 is ME! And not every post is for the outside world. This one happened to be a spoof on our inter-xer Yahoo Group and people not wanting to be quoted on Archinect. I'm no smooth talking Marlin, but I do offer a unique perspective from the SCI-Arc front lines. I always answer my emails and go out of my way to be one of the ambassadors of our graduate program. Not to mention, I have two kids and one on the way in 2 months plus I support my family. Sure, I may be too busy to post sometimes, but Marlin's great posts have inspired me to keep the ball rollin'. The more bloggers the better. I'm actually working on a blog system for SCI-Arc as we speak and would like to get up and running soon. So... not so easy; it's an inside joke, even the anon / secret email stuff.

      Jun 13, 05 1:30 am  · 

      sese anybody can go to the ps-1 exhibit. i'm not sure on all the info.
      steve, did you say that you were going?

      Jun 13, 05 5:48 pm  · 

      anon3 and I booked flights two days ago for $217 roundtrip LAX to JFK. Mon 6/27 11:50 pm to Sun 7/3 8:00 PM or something. Super cheap. A few other studio anons are going. Call/email me for help with tickets/accomodations.

      Jun 14, 05 2:38 am  · 

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