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    Millin' ain't easy...

    Steve Fuchs
    Apr 10, '05 4:58 AM EST

    Ya, being the milling pimp ain't easy. A few of us in studio are working on a milling job that has taken 2 days to coordinate and prep. Let's just say it is a favor for a good friend -- and I take on favors a little too easy. The good thing is I've learned a lot about preparing deeper mills and 2D / 3D contouring. It's kind of crazy how technical you can get on just one machine. Today, I actually modeled the whole head of the mill to figure out the maximum taper angle for a deep cut into some rock hard foam, and then, vegitated in Rhino and SurfCAM for 10 hours. Fun!!!

    During the chaos, a prospective M.Arch2 student who starts next semester stopped by my desk. If I remember correctly his name is Dean and he's from the Vegas area. He and his girlfriend (wife?) walked the length of the school with me as I pointed out some interesting features and fielded many questions. It was a nice break from the madness. As stated before, I'm more than willing to meet and greet with those of you that are starting next semester. I've been known to have lengthy responses to emails, too. Feel free to stop by my desk or ask for me around school. If you are planning to visit, try to make it between 6 and 7 pm on Fridays :) Appleseed et all will greet you with a beer (or two)! If you don't drink, well then... stop by school before 5 pm. Finals are happening the week of April 18th (another good time to visit). Our studio final is going to be Tuesday, April 19th from about 1 pm to 7 pm if I remember correctly. It's open to the public and probably the best time for "archi-outsiders" to get an understanding of what actually happens in studios. I'll be attending, of course, to find out what the hell happened to this semester... it went by WAY too fast.

    Last thing, BIG props to the robot pimp himself, Michael Fox. Our interactive architecture installation went off with a bang last night along side the gallery opening. Minus some burnt popcorn, our somewhat heady attempt at an iZOO -- challenging the human / animal condition -- was a real success. My wife, kids and a buddy came up for the opening and enjoyed the mix of wild abandon and serious commitment on display around school. I only wish the IA class could have been a full 6 unit studio. For updates on our class and robots + architecture, visit the website we've put together for this and past / future classes at Note to self... eat more often with friends at _Zip_ (fusion sushi on Traction Ave, two blocks West of school). What ever happened to our after partying Friday nights? Oh ya, I have another life and wife :P Making red spots in the school parking lot at 3 am started to kill that. Yes Appleseed, that is EXACTLY the hundredth time I've mentioned my "lost in licorice" story from last semester.

    OH DAMN... I almost forgot about the most amazing show I've ever seen just 1 block South of SCI-Arc last Friday. Find out more here (pictures, videos, etc). Now that's some serious robot-action!!! At one point a 2x4 flew into the crowd 2 people away from me, we also almost got torched by a jet engine, and an insane ball of air from a compression cannon nearly tore our heads off then hit the street sign above us and shook it like it got hit with a baseball bat. Reportedly, Leonardo Dicaprio was in the crowd. Uh... can you say Leonearly "Decapitated" standing right next to the air cannon?


    • Appleseed

      Just to clarify, I'm pretty sure we actually have a two session final review on the 19th, one from 10AM-1 and 2PM-6.

      Apr 10, 05 6:24 pm  · 

      Ya, I've been too busy milling all weekend long to find the review schedule. Can you say broken bit? Shhhh.... it will be replaced ASAP.

      Apr 11, 05 1:33 am  · 

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