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    Long time no blog... Aggregating

    Steve Fuchs
    Mar 31, '05 10:05 PM EST

    I've been wrapped up in "cellular aggregation" for the past few months. A big break-thru occurred last week when I began to understand the concept and how it translates to my learning/design process. As Hernan said, this first year is about being labotomized; though, this semester is about a more hybrid condition where we are expected to start reintroducing our previous knowledge to our newfound sensibilities.

    For me... (Hernan pun intended), Peter Testa has been instrumental in my understanding of growth by way of micro/macro scale experimentation. Testing and taking feedback to multiple scales of investigation, all while using digital and analog tools as quick design aids, is the root of my new process. I'm not saying that I have a mastery of it or anything, but conceptually it is affecting the limits of my architectural understanding. In a sense, you could call it a "hyperlinked/networked" design process where one grows a project by constantly being in a information loop between scales of experimentation.

    Workwise, I just met with Andreas at to interview for a summer (maybe longer) job. Jeff McKibban, the CNC Shop Manager, referred me to Panelite, and Wednesday night I went over to check out their fabrication facility in Culver City. Looks like a lot of work with aluminum and resins... right up my alley. To be honest, I really did not want to work for a "starchitect" for less than $20 / hr while supporting my family AND I need some time away from the digital domain. In fact, this ties directly to the notion of aggregating my education. By going analog for the summer, minus learning some new software, I expect to be able to push my design process a few steps forward.

    SCI-Arc is truly a place for making + meaning -- the order of which can be debated.

    PS: My wife is now 5 months pregnant... and the total car repair bills are now above $5000 (blown head gasket in the Tahoe). If I can get through this and actually enjoy it, anyone can.


    • David Cuthbert

      see the Tahoe - a full blown is rarely fully ever repaired

      Apr 1, 05 1:17 pm  · 

      Ditch the Tahoe, I'll sell you the Cherokee for 10K! I know you want a 2 Jeep stable.

      Apr 2, 05 5:06 am  · 

      Congratulations on the new baby. I feel your struggle...

      Apr 6, 05 7:58 pm  · 
      $5000 (blown head gasket in the Tahoe).


      If I can get through this and actually enjoy it, anyone can.

      No...I think your an exception to the rule Steve!
      Apr 6, 05 11:31 pm  · 

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